RFK Jr's blindly stupid campaign — a missed opportunity to stand for something energetically honorable

© 2024 Peter Free


16 May 2024



Depressed wonderment


Robert F. Kenney Jr might have turned himself into an inspiring ray of hope for the 1776-killing corpse-simulation that the United States has become.


Instead, he seems to have planned to make himself meaningless.



First point


As of 13 May 2024, RFK Jr is on the presidential ballot in only 6 of 50 states:



Unlike the Libertarian and Green parties, which have established grassroots support, local chapters and, in some cases, existing ballot access, Kennedy’s campaign started from scratch in October.


“In a nutshell, he’s succeeding,” said Richard Winger, a ballot access expert who runs the website Ballot Access News and with whom the campaign has shared their internal signature gathering stats.


“They’ve been somewhat inefficient, but that’s not surprising because they’re all doing this for the first time,” Winger said. “But they’re competent.”


© 2024 Brittany Gibson and Peder Schaefer, RFK Jr. is defying the odds — against getting on ballots around the country, Politico (13 May 2024)



With already low name recognition, that's a kind'a lackadaisical performance this late in the election year.



Second point


Kennedy vehemently continues to side with genociding Israel. As well as with the Zionist American lobby that continues to scream for Palestinian blood and land.


In doing this, RFK Jr cuts himself off from the genuinely energetic support that he might otherwise have gathered from morally fervent young people. Meaning those who are courageously protesting Israel and America's Nazi-emulating behavior.


These 'kids' are the only spark of old-fashioned US decency that we have produced for many decades.



So, just what does RFK Jr bring to the table?


Hostility to Big Pharma's mind control endeavor and not much else.


Realistic political acumen and strategic thinking appear to be non-existent in both the man and his campaign.



In total


RFK Jr has no ballot-access momentum.


And he seems unlikely to gain both nationwide access and the wide visibility necessary to successfully compete with President Biden and former president Trump, before the November 2024 election.



In that arguably failing regard . . .


One would have thought that a genuinely competent third-party political contender would have seized an opportunity to do something at least symbolically and historically inspiring.


Especially so, with regard to recruiting an already existing, ethically based, anti-genocide American youth movement to his presidency-seeking.


In such a manner, RFK Jr might have left behind a political legacy similar to that of his father — Attorney General and later presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy — and his uncle — President John F. Kennedy.



The moral? — Instead of boosted spirit and value . . .


We get three 'more-of-the-same' Deep State-controlled, viciously dumbass clown and pseudo-clown candidates running for US president.


Hardly an uplifting trend from the perspective of 1776-1789-type American patriots.


Our suiciding United States continues to founder under appallingly bad leadership.