Putin's accurate geopolitical clarity — versus— the Biden administration's lunatic lying and warmongering

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09 May 2023



Which leader's stable competence . . .


. . . would you prefer to emulate in challenging times?


Russia's Putin?


Or the demented American Deep State — ostensibly led by its quasi-braindead puppet, President Joe Biden?





Below are extracts from the Russian leader's World War 2-commemorating Victory Day speech.


Notice how reasonably grounded his observations are.


Below, as translated by the invaluable Professor Michael Rossi. My punctuation occasionally replacing Professor Rossi's choices — solely for English-speaking clarity:



Happy holiday in honor of our fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers, who glorified and immortalized their names in having defended the Fatherland.


At the cost of immeasurable courage and huge sacrifices, they saved humanity from Nazism.


Today, civilization is once again at a decisive turning point. A real war has once again been unleashed against our Motherland, but we have repulsed international terrorism. We will also protect the inhabitants of Donbass and ensure our security.


Like the vast majority of people on the planet, we want to see a futue of peace, freedom and stability.


We believe that any ideology of superiority is inherently disgusting, criminal and deadly.


However, the Western globalist elites still talk about their exclusivity, pit people and split societies, provoke bloody conflicts and upheavals — sow hatred, Russophobia, aggressive nationalism — and destroy family traditional values that make a person a person.


And all in order to continue to dictate — to impose on the peoples — their will, their rights, rules. And, in fact, a system of robbery, violence and suppression.


They seem to have forgotten what the insane claims of the Nazis for world domination led to.


They forget who defeated this monstrous total evil, who stood up as a wall for their native land and did not spare their lives for the sake of the liberation of the peoples of Europe.


We see how, in a number of countries, memorials to Soviet soldiers are ruthlessly and cold-bloodedly destroyed. Monuments to great commanders are being demolished.


A real cult of the Nazis and their accomplices is being created. And the memory of true heroes is being erased and slandered.


Such desecration of the feat and victims of the victorious generation is also a crime. An outright revanchism of those who cynically and openly prepared a new campaign against Russia, who gathered neo-Nazi scum from all over the world for this.


Their goal — and there is nothing new here — is to achieve the collapse and destruction of our country — cross out the results of the Second World War — finally break the system of global security and international law — and strangle any centers of sovereign development.


Exorbitant ambitions, arrogance and permissiveness inevitably turn into tragedies.


This is precisely the reason for the catastrophe that the Ukrainian people are now experiencing.


It became a hostage of the coup d'état and the criminal regime of his [its] Western masters that had developed on its basis, a bargaining chip in the implementation of their cruel selfish plans.


I am convinced that the experience of solidarity and partnership during the years of fighting a common threat is our invaluable heritage.


A strong support right now, when an irreversible movement towards a more just multipolar world — based on the principles of trust and indivisible security, equal opportunities for the original and free development of all peoples and all countries — is gaining momentum.


© 2023 Michael Rossi Poli Sci, Vladimir Putin Victory Day Parade Speech May 2023 - English Subtitles, YouTube (09 May 2023) (excerpts, with occasional punctuation changes by me)



The moral? — Putin's multipolar perspective . . .


. . . will resonate with most of the world's human population.


We in the West have become humanity's deadly enemy. Having intentionally created and full-bore fueled the Nazi resurgence in Ukraine. With similarly chaos-creating conduct aimed at starting a war with China.


Putin's arguable sanity versus the West's murder-based mental illness.


Pick one.


Wrest 1776's liberty-envisioning destiny away from 2023's neocon crazies.