Poland — no doubt actively supported by Germany, Ukraine and the United States — banned Russia from 2023s commemoration of Auschwitz-Birkenau's liberation by the Red Army

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28 January 2023



Gauge the Satanic depravity of the collective West's spiritual illness


Here, eloquently stated by George Galloway — my addition in brackets:



Today, I want to talk about the extraordinary decision to ban Russia from the anniversary commemorations of the liberation of the death camp at Auschwitz.


Built by Germans, but manned by Poles.


The German and Polish governments will be there, as will the Ukrainian government, which is, of course, entirely in thrall to the people who carried out the Holocaust in the east. The people who massacred millions of Jews and non-Jewish Poles and Russians and others.


Millions of them were killed by the supporters of Bandera [see here], who is the national icon of today's government in Ukraine.


So, the people who liberated the death camp are banned from the event.


The people who built, manned and took joy in the genocide that took place in the death camp are all honored guests.


If that does not sum up to you the deep and profound sickness in European, indeed world politics today, I don't know what would do.


If it wasn't for the Russians, I'd be speaking to you in German.


If it wasn't for the Russians, Europe at least, and most of the world in fact, would still be under the jackboot of fascism. Italian fascism, Japanese fascism, German fascism . . . .


Maybe Russia will have to liberate Auschwitz again.


Maybe Russia will have to liberate Europe again.


Because we are now living in a new kind of fascism.


© 2023 George Galloway, Liberators of #Auschwitz banned. Perpetrators of the Holocaust welcomed, YouTube (27 January 2023)



The moral? — The West's leadership is morally and intellectually absurd




Worthy of no respect.


A cancerous boil that devours humanity's hope and future.