Perfectly aimed — Abby Zimet's anti-tribute to the Devil's man — Henry Kissinger

© 2023 Peter Free


04 December 2023



Neocon America's anus plops death . . .


. . . on whatever it can squat-shadow.


Therefore, I had no patience for the fond farewells that the US lamestream gave Henry Kissinger's departure from our vale of tears.



In introduction to Kissinger's long list . . .


. . . of US-instigated mass murders, Zimet wrote that:



In gratitude, we mark the death of Henry Kissinger, America's peerless war criminal.


As U.S officials laud an "elder statesman" and "erudite strategist," the rest of us, and surely millions of brown-skinned people, celebrate the end of an "iconic napalm rights advocate" whose lies, hubris, towering inhumanity and many blood-soaked foreign policy follies left a legacy - in Vietnam, Chile, Cambodia, Argentina - of an "enormous pile of corpses" that may number four million.


The consensus: "Burn hot, Henry."


© 2023 Abby Zimet, Good Fucking Riddance: HK Finally Kicks His Bucket of Blood, Common Dreams (01 December 2023)





Happy we would be, if Hell actually existed, as final receptacle for the hellfire-deserving.



The moral? — Any society that predominantly thinks that . . .


. . . the (ostensibly realistic) Kissinger was a worthy human being deserves to perish from this Earth.


Zimet concluded her assessment of Slaughtering Henry's odious character with Christian theologian Tertullian's summary judgment of his ilk:



He who lives only to benefit himself confers on the world a benefit when he dies.



Genocide among humans, unfortunately, only extinguishes the innocent.


Demonstrating, again, how errantly hapless Homo sapiens are by virtue of our unremittingly obtuse natures.


Witness (as a sampling) the ongoing West-fueled horrors in Ukraine and Gaza.