Perceptive? — Evgeny Khalilov, regarding American culture

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30 March 2024



Stings deep?


The following — from Russian commentator Evgeny Khalilov — seems reasonably accurate:



The West as a whole is a society of egoists, where all such egoists shine the cold light of American celebrities.


In a society where almost everyone lives primarily for their own personal success, the life of an ordinary person will be very difficult.


Yes, there will be an alluring facade everywhere, and everyone will smile at you, because everyone wants something from you - money, or at least some kind of approval, but if there is nothing to take from you, then they will be busy with themselves and no one cares about you affairs.


In general, the principle of individual happiness contradicts the principle of democracy, which is why in the West the rule of the majority is becoming a thing of the past.


For example, they promote sexual minorities and, in general, any private views or hobbies, trying to dissolve the identity of the majority of the population.


They are trying to turn the general mass of people into a kaleidoscope of scattered fragments, and then they can be twisted even better.


© 2024 Evgeny Khalilov, Why do selfish people like the West?, (30 March 2024)



The moral? — Historically speaking . . .


. . . Khalilov's point is a difficult one to persuasively argue against.


Who benefits from this intentionally crafted societal fragmentation?


And why do we let them?





The majority's cowardice?


Or is it just a combination of selfishness, stupidity, and the gross inability to think anything through?



In my old guy's estimation — the 'survival of the fittest' principle is in the midst of gobbling the United States' obviously failing nation.


Think of this unhappy trend as the metaphorical analog of a materialism-carrying container ship — haplessly caught by Time's tidal currents — relentlessly collapsing a visibly rickety cultural bridge.


The United States' lamentably failing infrastructure is (precisely) a good example. Nobody cares enough to keep it in repair. Much less improve it.


I would tentatively conclude that, if one cannot maintain and advance a nation's infrastructure, one cannot do much else that is societally integrating.


Ergo, the discord-manifesting disintegration of US institutions.


Culture-destroying parasites are in charge.