Pentagon essentially admits that it cannot warmonger China — without obtaining products from companies that use US-banned Huawei technology

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05 July 2024



How the United States' belligerent hypocrisy bites our own (very fat) behind


Not covered by much of the Western mainstream is the following news — originated by Bloomberg and referred to in China's press:



According to a Bloomberg report released on Wednesday local time, the Pentagon is provoking "a fresh showdown" with Congress, as it feels it cannot avoid doing business with Huawei, the world's largest telecommunications provider.


Some US defense officials also warned of the risk of "national security being jeopardized" if the issue is not properly handled. 


Section 889 of the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act, which went into effect on August 2020, prohibits US government agencies from buying or contracting with entities that use Huawei components.


Citing officials, Bloomberg claimed that the Pentagon believes Huawei is "so firmly entrenched" in the systems of countries where it does business that it makes finding alternatives almost a mission impossible, especially given that Huawei accounts for almost one-third of all telecommunications equipment revenue worldwide.


The Pentagon believes that if all the stipulated restrictions related to Huawei were met, it would also disrupt the Pentagon's ability to purchase the vast quantities of medical supplies, drugs, clothing and other types of logistical support the military relies on, Bloomberg reported.


© 2024 Wang Qi, US runs into 'self-imposed obstacles' as Pentagon seeks Huawei exemption, Global Times (04 July 2024)



So, you see


The United States' plentiful supply of globalist oligarchs off-shored virtually the entirety of US manufacturing decades ago.


Then, they claimed that competently competitive Chinese technology was a threat of American security and banned it.


And now, these fools have awakened to the fact that pursuing their goal of attacking China with military force is going to require that they depend on that same Chinese technology to obtain the products that they need to do all the senseless warmongering that these American idiots have initiated.



The moral? — US leadership is abysmally stupid and incoherently belligerent


Has there ever been a global power of such suicidally aimed mental bent?


The worst among us rule.