Paul Craig Roberts, regarding American conservatives' easily manipulated ignorance and mental sloth

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06 June 2024



American conservatives — too weak-brained to defend their purported values?


Seems so.


Paul Craig Roberts, a genuine conservative, had the following to say about the moronic American group that now parades the label:



For conservatives, patriotism requires you to believe the government’s narrative. If you don’t, you are suspect.


Consequently, conservatives find themselves going along with the developing American Police State as it “protects” them by dismantling the Constitution that actually does protect them.


It is extraordinary that conservatives, who revere our Founding Fathers trust government that the founding fathers did not trust.


American patriots have been indoctrinated, even brainwashed, to see Russia as a deadly enemy. This goes back to the Cold War with the Soviet Union.


The Cold War served, as President Eisenhower reminded us in his farewell speech, to institutionalize a powerful military/security complex that had a massive vested interest in Russia as an adversary.


All sorts of power and profit flowed from having the Russian (Soviet at that time) enemy.


The CIA controls the narrative with “leaks” to the compliant, unquestioning media.


Putin was forced to send troops into Donbas, formerly a Russian province, to protect Russians from slaughter by a Ukrainian army raised by Washington. Instantly in the Western whore media, this became a “Russian invasion of Ukraine.”


Dear conservative American, Washington is not worthy of your defense. Washington is so much against you that Washington is about to provoke Russia into bringing about your destruction.


Sometimes foreign governments and foreign media tell you more truth than your own government and media. Learn to listen and to think. Your very survival depends upon it.


© 2024 Paul Craig Roberts, Patriotism Has Destroyed America, (06 Jun 2024)



That, of course, is a big 'ask'


It would require people to:



pay attention to what is going on


critically analyze how and why Elites do what they do,


as well as


examine our brains for traces of how we are being manipulated —


into destroying our own foolish selves.



The moral? — Roberts delivers a good corrective prescription . . .


. . . but it is unlikely to happen to take place in comatosely dumb American Conservative Land.


Sheep are sheep because they are born that way.