"Nikki Haley sweeps Dixville Notch’s primary, winning all 6 votes" — headlines the absurd AP's inadvertently telling vignette

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23 January 2024



Difficult to find a better indicator of Lamestream stupidity, than this


From the AP — my insertions in bracketed italics:



The six registered voters of tiny Dixville Notch in New Hampshire all cast their ballots for Nikki Haley at midnight on Tuesday, giving her a clean sweep over former President Donald Trump and all the other candidates.


The resort town was the first place in the nation to vote in the 2024 primaries. The voters were outnumbered more than 10-to-1 by reporters from every corner of the globe — not to mention by a pile of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.


[Evidently realizing how absurd its take on this supposedly momentous reporting was, the AP added that:]


With such a tiny sample of voters, the results are not typically indicative of how an election will end up. But they do provide for an early curiosity.


[And then — to hint just how clueless media-selected US voters are, regarding the non-democratic nature of our Oligrachy-run pseudo-Republic — this quote:]


Les Otten, the principal owner and developer of the Balsams Resort, said he was excited to cast his ballot.


“It’s special. It really is,” Otten said.


“It’s what ought to happen in every community in the United States, where there is 100% participation, everybody votes. None of the six of us can complain about the outcome of the election, because we’ve participated.”


© 2024 Nick Perry, Nikki Haley sweeps Dixville Notch’s primary, winning all 6 votes, AP (23 January 2024)



So, here we supposedly are


Glued to our electronic media, waiting to find out what six — purportedly average — Americans think about the panoply of (easily proven) horrible choices that the Grand American Fascist Oligarchy has granted us.


With all six of those Dixville Notch folks (apparently) thinking that True Joy has been incorporated into this Oligarchy-promoting package of appalling vote-inviting horrors — in the form of the belligerently always-warmongering, imbecilic Nikki Haley.



The moral? — This absurdly concocted AP vignette sums the American Experience quite capably


Thank you, AP.


I go to my demise in blanketly hope-free despair.