Nazi-led Ukraine and the United States — prove again that they won't keep their word, ever

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22 August 2023



With a national leader like . . .


. . . the viciously corrupt and malevolent fool, Volodymyr Zelensky, why would we expect anything else — when it comes to supposedly recorded locations for certain-to-be unexploded bomblets?



A Ukrainian military official suggested to The Washington Post that Ukrainian forces are not documenting where they’re using US-provided cluster bombs in Ukraine despite assurances the Biden administration said it received.


The official, who only went by his first name, Stanislav, detailed Ukraine’s use of cluster bombs, which scatter small submunitions over large areas and are extremely hazardous to civilians.


The report reads:


“In welcoming the US decision to send the munitions, Ukraine’s Defense Ministry said Kyiv will keep a ‘strict record of the use of these weapons and the local zones where they will be used.’ But when asked about how the documentation process works, Stanislav suggested that there was none.”


© 2023 Dave DeCamp, Official Suggests Ukraine Is Not Tracking Where It’s Using US Cluster Bombs, AnitWar (21 August 2023)


If we go the Washington Post article itself . . .


. . . the scope of the Ukrainian lie (about keeping cluster munition shelling records) becomes laughably even more culturally indicative:



A public affairs officer later contradicted him [Stanislav], saying that every time the M109 [see here] shoots a round, the crew writes down what type of munition was fired and in what direction.


© 2023 John Hudson and Anastacia Galouchka, How Ukraine is exploiting Biden’s cluster bomb gamble, Washington Post (21 August 2023)



Sure, bud


In the middle of war's combat:



a troop is assigned to write down direction of each artillery piece's fire


including azimuth and shell type


even though that data changes from shot to shot (or series to series) —


with the assigned troop continuing to do all this writing


while he and his crew are having to hurriedly move the howitzer from place to place


so as to avoid being blown up by Russian return fire.



If you believe this Ukrainian coverup . . .


. . . you're either an idiot, or someone who has never had to outrace even frozen molasses, while under deadly threat.



The moral? — America's butcher machine operates on lies that it knows are lies


Don't tell me that US neocons — who volunteered these cluster munitions to Ukraine — believed for a moment that Ukraine would keep track of where the shells went, during artillery duels.


After all, what's thousands of mangled children and farmers (days and years down the road), when there's so much military industrial complex money to be grifted right now?