NATO head Stoltenberg yapped up another of Arrogant Hypocrisy's regal balloons

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21 March 2023



With Western leadership infested by intractable mental illness . . .


. . . we might as well pronounce Western Civilization dead to its core.



Consider the following statement . . .


. . . from NATO head, Jens Stoltenberg — here posted on Twitter:



China should not provide lethal aid to Russia. That will be to support an illegal war. And only prolong the war and support the illegal invasion of Ukraine by Russia.


That's something that China, of course, not should do.



Stoltenberg seems to be mired in Satanic Hypocrisy's deadly oil


This so, given that NATO instigated the Ukraine War as a matter of geopolitical policy.


And afterward, did (and continues to do) everything in its power to prevent the war from ending.


Despite its toll of hundreds of thousands of proxied Ukrainian deaths, as well as millions of war-created homeless people.


Billions and billions of dollars in Western money and weapons continue to funnel into Ukraine.


With additional direct aid continually arriving in the form of US-sponsored anti-Russia (pro-Ukro-Nazi) surveillance, advisors and falsely uniformed troops.


And still, Jens, you continue pontificating about legality?


And you tell China to stay out of the spreading, havoc-laden chaos that you and your puppet-masters personally created?



The moral? — It is impossible to respect people like . . .


. . . Puppet Stoltenberg and his neocon American handlers.


Core-bathed (as they are) in irrationality, hatred and nihilistically minded destruction — these neocon folk are begging to be eliminated for the good of humankind.


I found it darkly amusing that Stoltenberg would parade his warmongering dumbassery — exactly at the time that Presidents Putin and Xi are discussing what to do to save their countries from the constantly pillaging American colossus.



Jens, me-boy, your asininely provocative comments just emphasized the correctness of Russian and Chinese observations about the West's demonic nature.



What a malignant dope, this NATO head is.


Perfectly representative of the West's vermin-souled neocon breed.