NATO confesses to its murderously predatory cowardice

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04 April 2024



Below is NATO head, Jens Stoltenberg . . .


. . . happily parading NATO-US cowardice:



Support from NATO Allies and support from the United States to Ukraine is something which benefits our own security interests.


It is therefore in the security interests of the United States to make a decision and provide Ukraine with ammunition.


Because by allocating a fraction of our defence budgets we have enabled the Ukrainians to destroy significant parts of the Russian combat capability without putting any NATO soldier, any US soldier, in harm’s way.


So this is really something that is in our interest to continue to do. And not only continue to do, but to do more, to step up, and to ensure that we do it in a predictable, robust way for the long haul.


That's exactly also why we are now discussing how can we establish a more robust and institutional NATO framework around this support to make it more predictable, more long term and also to ensure fair burden sharing.


© 2024 North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Press conference by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg during the meetings of NATO Ministers of Foreign Affairs in Brussels, (03 April 2024)



More honestly paraphrased


We in the Collective West need everyone to step up. We must continue to loot taxpayers' pockets.


This worthy endeavor is necessary, so as to pay proxied Ukrainians to continue to mass suicide themselves. In the completely unnecessary war that we intentionally started with Russia.


God forbid that any of us NATO provocateurs actually die or get maimed in the mass slaughters that we provoke, as a result of our pillaging encroachments on other people's territories.



The moral? — Proud to be deadly parasites?


Of this mentality, TechEpiphany said that:



He [Stoltenberg] is such cowardly weakling...Represents Nato perfectly[.]



In truth, aggressively belligerent yellow-bellied weakness represents the entirety of the American and European neocon-neoliberal establishments.


The only thing propping the Collective West up, is our nukes.


And I suspect those devices are probably going to wind up killing a bunch of us — and perhaps both of these lunatic continental establishments — down the road.


Talk about despicable regimes.