Moon of Alabama blog correct? — has the US tacitly acknowledged the combined idiocies of its attacks on Russia and China?

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20 June 2023



Maybe not quite so completely as MoA appears to imply


From the Moon of Alabama blog — here in excerpts:



Confronted with the realities of life the Biden administration has in the last days acknowledged defeat in two on its most egregious and delusional foreign policy games.


The Ukrainian counter-offensive has failed. Its army is getting slaughtered on the battlefield. The 'counteroffensive' of the 'NATO trained' Ukrainian brigades has made no real progress on any front. The high level of losses of men and material make it impossible that it will ever again regain the initiative[:]



President Biden on Saturday said he won’t make it easier for Ukraine to join NATO, adding that the country at war with Russia has to meet the requirements to be a member.



The other U.S. defeat was acknowledged by U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken at the end of his trip to Bejing:



The United States will not support Taiwan breaking away from China, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has said, amid a series of confusing statements by Joe Biden on the issue.



© 2023 Moon of Alabama, U.S. Admits Defeat in War on Russia and China, (20 June 2023)



In my (perhaps) more pessimistic estimation


Neocons — being the belligerent, murdering, foresight-lacking lunatics that they are — are unlikely to abide long in accord with Moon of Alabama's tacitly crystal-balled common sense.


My forecast is that the United States will continue to provoke World War 3. One way or another.


Death and Chaos predominate in neocon genes. And always in their actions.


Satan's slavishly obedient demons.



The moral? — Just as presidents Putin and Xi have . . .


. . . I write the 'official' United States off as a member of rational humanity.



Its word is worth nothing.


It has no honor.


And it is best dealt with via the firm application of superior intellect, dominating economics and deadly counterforce.



Watch Putin speaking to an African delegation — cited below — regarding the proposed Ukraine War peace agreement that Ukraine failed to carry out at the West's insistence in early 2022.


Notice, in passing, that Russia's withdrawal from Kiev's environs (at that time) were not the result of a defeat — as Ukraine and the West had propagandized it to be — but, instead, represented a good faith attempt to keep the Russian part of the proposed peace bargain:



Larry Johnson, Putin to Africa Delegation, YouTube (17 June 2023)



That is what an adult looks like, when forced to deal with the West's murderously-inclined, nuthouse-spawned children.


China has taken a similar, even more visibly contemptuous, approach to the West's inability to negotiate in good and rationally minded faith. (Google translate appears to convey the semantic flavor of both highlighted links.)


The American Deep State's ability to direct world affairs is, as a result, rapidly declining.



Our 21st century future will be to parallel Britain's cleverly pestiferous — but strategically inane — sidelines meddling.


We will be (probably competently) emulating sniveling, ankle-biting rodents in this planet's metaphoric hinterland gutters.


A pain in the ass, but generating nothing of genuinely strategic or humanity-helpful significance.



How the formerly mighty have fallen. Done in by our culture's perennially psychotic brains and constantly pillaging hands.


History does not often offer up such blatantly stark contrasts between reasonable right and out-and-out evil.


We will see whether the West's self-entitled leader-maggots will accept History's looming judgment.


Or scuttle it. Via intentionally generated global destruction.