M. D. Johnson, Guide to Pheasant Hunting (2006) — Book Review

© 2013 Peter Free


12 February 2013



150 worthwhile, quality hardcover pages


This book informatively covers pheasant hunting, including sections on:


pheasants and their habitat


hunting strategy, tactics, and safety


guns and ammunition






hunting preserves


game dressing and a couple of cooking recipes


Excellent information, but somewhat ramblingly delivered


Mr. Johnson’s writing style is typical of most of the outdoor genre.  A little too circuitous for my taste — unlike Dick Sternberg’s more direct, Upland Game Birds (1995).


However, Mr. Johnson’s detailed substance more than makes up for having to sort through the book’s “good ole boy” meanderings.



The book’s photos add to its outdoor ambiance


The author’s wife, Julia Johnson, contributed most of the high number of pictures.  They give readers the sense of being there.



Highly recommended


A Guide to Pheasant Hunting is a very appealing work.  The book’s detailed emphasis on safety and dog etiquette is something that I (as an ex-police training supervisor) particularly appreciated.


This is the kind of book that one returns to, in anticipation of being able to get into the field again.


If I lost my copy, I would buy another one.  There are not many books that I can say that about.