Logitech MK710 Wireless Keyboard and M705 Wireless Marathon Mouse — Long Term Durability Report — Review

© 2013 Peter Free


25 January 2013 (updated 06 February 2013)



This is a two year durability addendum to my review of the wireless Logitech MK710 keyboard and M705 mouse, here


The keyboard still works properly.  The mouse does not.



Test conditions


Being a writer/researcher, I use this equipment all day, most days.



The M705 mouse turns out to be cheap crap


The scroll wheel adjustment button stopped working reliably in two months.  It is supposed to change the scroll function from smooth to click stops.  It began popping up (to the smooth setting) sometimes seemingly on its own.  And then would not go back to the click setting, even when depressed and in place.


After about six months, the scroll wheel itself occasionally began not scrolling.  And after two years, it doesn’t scroll on webpages about half the time — and sometimes erratically on other documents. The up page scroll, which I use only occasionally, continues to work.



Note — 06 February 2013 


Sometimes, I am able to restore down page scrolling by blasting both sides of the scroll wheel with canned air (routed through the mouse top openings on each side of it).


However, the fact that the infrequently used up scrolling wheel rotation never failed leads me to think that wear may be part of the problem with the down scroll function.




My experience appears to be in the minority


Of the 493 one to five star reviews posted at Amazon.com, only 17 percent are one and two stars.


Most of that group had negative experiences similar to mine.



Not recommended


Quality control and/or product component design appear to be questionable.