King of Hypocrites strikes again — Barack Obama wants you to help Libyan flood victims with donations to his foundation

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16 September 2023



From the guy who destroyed Libya and its infrastructure . . .


. . . comes this 15 September 2023 tweet:



Barack Obama



If you’re looking to help people impacted by the floods in Libya, check out these organizations providing relief:


The Obama Foundation@ObamaFoundation


Emergency and relief workers are on the ground providing urgent aid in the aftermath of the catastrophic flash floods in northeast Libya.


The toll of this natural disaster is unimaginable, and support is desperately needed.



Convenient, no?


You donate to fix the infrastructural problem that Obama murderously created by destroying Libya.


And, as an added bonus, your donation makes his foundation remind us of the purported glow of his grossly narcissistic ass.



The moral? — Barack Obama, demonic scumbag


Recall that this is the same guy who whimsically executed American citizens with drones, just because he could.


The same guy who drone-murdered 'military age' Muslim folks, living in alleged terror regions, when their sole crime consisted of being the US-asserted age that they were claimed to have been.


Yes, that Luciferian bastion of absolutely fake rectitude, Barack Obama.