Kamala Harris is a good indicator of just how laughably screwed up the United States is

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06 July 2024



We Americans are pretty darn good at . . .


. . . making ourselves look viciously ridiculous.


Take Vice President Kamala Harris.


Democrats chose her, in 2020, to affirmatively advance a so-called 'minority' into US power.


That being in full keeping with the Democratic Party's fundamental racist and gender-stretching principle that no one is too stupid, too incompetent, or morally unworthy to benefit from a scale-defying, helping hand — at someone far more competent's expense.



And so


Here we are in 2024 with a dementia-drowning president and a vice president, who exceedingly capably mimics The Pure Fool prototype.



What could have been (instead of this) is revealing


In 2020, Democrats could have snagged a similarly 'mixed-black' woman from America's genuinely impressive supply of immensely strong, able and determined single-parent 'minority' women.


Women who, unaided, hold their father-absent families together by virtue of moral will, several jobs, and a strictly directing hand.


Admirable people. The kind who give America one of its diversity-enhanced, 'Yay-America' backbones.


Instead, Democrats chose flashy, 'word salad' Kamala-the-Idiot.


Who now, in 2024, has a singularly good chance to become president of the United States in name or behind-the-scenes fact.


How she would be any better — in assessing and securing the genuine national interest — than Dementia Joe Biden beats anyone of competent mind.


This 'who-ascends-to-power-America' conundrum reveals that the national interest is not actually, or ever, on US leadership's mind.



No offense, madame Vice President


I a pretty sure that you were genetically born and subsequently molded into your puppet-parroting role.


Being where you are is, in fact, a tribute to the anti-fitness Darwinian thesis.



The moral? — US leadership is incapable of focusing on what actually matters to the human species


Manipulative parasites all.


Their propaganda numbs our senses.


And we — unintelligently — do not realize that we are being gobbled alive.