John Derbyshire made a good point about the United States' loving embrace of killing itself

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02 September 2023



American legal system is perverting itself . . .


. . . into becoming a gun aimed at its own head.



For example


It is impossible — except for the Democratic Party's endless supply of tyranny-adulating, cowardly robotic sheep — to take the Proud Boys prison sentences (stemming from the Capitol Riot of 06 January 2021) as seriously just, or legally defensible.


John Derbyshire capably focused on the situation's absolutely defining core characteristics:



Joseph Biggs was sentenced to 17 years in jail; Zachary Rehl got 15 years.


The charges were ”seditious conspiracy.”


What did these guys do to merit such ferocious sentences?


Well, Biggs removed a metal fence that police had put up for crowd control. Rehl was convicted for assaulting cops with some chemical spray, although he denies having done so.


Dominic Pezzola, another Proud Boy, was sentenced to ten years in prison. He broke a window in the Capitol building.


Prosecutors were asking for a 20-year sentence. I should have thought that breaking a window is more serious than moving a fence . . . .


This is January 6th, 2021 we’re talking about, remember.


These men have been held awaiting conviction for two years and eight months in brazen defiance of the Sixth Amendment’s guarantee of a speedy trial.


[Y]ou want some whataboutism? I got some.


Last week the city of Denver agreed to pay five million dollars to seven Black Lives Matter rioters [Denver to Pay $5 Million to BLM Rioters, by Eric Lendrum, American Greatness, August 30, 2023].


The rioters claimed they had been wrongly arrested for violating a curfew imposed during the violent riots of summer 2020. Along with the cash settlement, Denver promised that it would never again enforce curfews against rioters and protesters.


So: Proud Boys, milling around in the Capitol grounds: 15- and 17-year sentences. Black Lives Matter, trashing and burning stores and throwing rocks at police: five million cash.


With flagrant outrages like the January 6th prosecutions, the opening of our borders, the indictments of Donald Trump, and the Establishment cover-ups of corruption by Joe Biden and his family, this is not a normal situation.


© 2023 John Derbyshire, "This Is Not a Normal Situation"—Ferocious Proud Boy Sentences Show U.S. Moving Beyond Electoral Solutions, Unz Review (01 September 2023)



"Seditious conspiracy" is essentially a thought crime


As former Judge Andrew Napolitano frequently points out, conspiracy is the charge that Government brings, when it cannot prove that anything legitimately bad resulted from some group's supposedly plotted actions.


Conspiracy generally also drags more people into alleged criminal behavior than the Government can prove created anything reprehensible.


In short, a conspiracy charge end runs Government having to demonstrate that the supposed culprit accomplished something substantively and successfully illegal.


Ergo, Derbyshire's focus on the trivialities represented by a broken window and a moved fence.



Since the Capitol Riot was in no way an insurrection . . .


. . . by any rational or historically accurate representation of that term — it should have been impossible to prove, beyond reasonable doubt, that a "seditious conspiracy" really existed on 06 January 2021.


If for instance, I drag a garden hose up to the Capitol entrance and leave it drooling water during freezing temperatures — with the unspoken intent of overturning American government by having everyone fall down, who comes to visit or run it — does that create a true attempt at sedition and insurrection?



We begin to see . . .


. . . the tyrannically hideous ridiculousness of Democrats' politically inspired, Justice System-twisting response to the 06 January 2021 riot.



The moral? — The fact that the US legal system can be so easily perverted . . .


... in the manner that it has been — clearly demonstrates that this, once 1776-1789, country of ours is over.


The Liberty Spirit of 1776 is wasted upon the majority of our currently sheep-imitating population.


All we are waiting for now, is History to terminally exit the humongous pile of warmongering, tyranny-spawning trash that we have placidly allowed ourselves to become.


Like Derbyshire, I suspect that this is a much more heinous crime, than breaking a window or moving a fence.


Absurdity in every step.


That's us. For the most part.