Japan's prime minister Fumio Kishida distorted history — while eagerly licking the United States' imperial boot

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14 April 2024



Japan — just as pitifully yellow-bellied as Germany?


Germans — you will recall — ignored the United States' obliteration of their Russia-originated Nord Stream gas supply. And are now in the process of massively deindustrializing, as a result of that destruction. Yet, Germans still lapdog-follow America's Germany-destroying, internationally pillaging lead.


In exactly parallel fashion, below is Japan's prime minister — Fumio Kishida — lick-suck-slavering the American Congress's boot:



As a Hiroshima native, I have devoted my political career to bringing about a world without nuclear weapons.


For years, I have worked to revitalize the Non-Proliferation Treaty regime so that we can gain momentum in pursuit of the aspiration. But there exists an imminent danger of nuclear weapons proliferation in East Asia. North Korea's nuclear and missile program is a direct threat. The issue of abductions by North Korea remains a critical issue.


North Korea's provocations have impact beyond the region. It has also exported its ballistic missiles to support Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine, greatly increasing the suffering of the Ukrainian people. Russia's unprovoked, unjust, and brutal war of aggression against Ukraine has entered its third year. As I often say, Ukraine of today may be East Asia of tomorrow.


Russia continues to threaten the use of nuclear weapons, which has contributed to worldwide concern that yet another catastrophe by nuclear weapon use is a real possibility.


In this reality, close coordination between Japan and the U.S. is required more than ever to ensure that the deterrence our Alliance provides remains credible and resilient.


© 2024 Nikkei Inc, Full text of Japanese Prime Minister Kishida's speech to U.S. Congress, NikkeiAsia (12 April 2024)



Of this revolting display . . .


Nina Byzantina observed that:



Japan’s Kishida talking about the danger of Russia repeating a nuclear weapons catastrophe while standing in the US Congress, the only country to use nukes—ON JAPAN—has got to be the highest level of gaslighting, self-deceit, and lackeyism all at once.



The moral? — Subservient cowardice is vomit-inducing


Whether in people or nations.


Truth and morality do not abide spinelessly slithering primates.