Japan pretends that Russia is 2023's nuclear threat to peace — on the anniversary of 1945's US atomic bombing of Hiroshima

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07 August 2023



Another spineless US puppet distorts both history and current events


With assistance from the always warmongering Washington Post, comes the following distortion of world affairs — written on the occasion of remembering the United States' atomic bombing of Japan's Hiroshima on 06 August 1945:



“As the only country to have experienced the horror of nuclear devastation in war, Japan will press on tirelessly with its efforts to bring about” nuclear disarmament, [Prime Minister Fumio] Kishida said.


“The widening division within the international community over approaches to nuclear disarmament, the nuclear threat made by Russia, and other concerns now make that road all the more difficult.”


Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Kremlin officials have, in their rhetoric and actions, attempted to use the threat of a nuclear attack to scare Western countries into halting their aid to Kyiv.


In February, Russian President Vladimir Putin suspended Russia’s participation in the New START nuclear nonproliferation agreement, the last remaining arms control treaty between Washington and Moscow.


And in recent weeks, Putin claimed to have moved nuclear weapons to Russia’s ally and neighbor Belarus.


© 2023 Annabelle Timsit, Japan, on Hiroshima bombing anniversary, decries Russia’s ‘nuclear threat’, Washington Post (06 August 2023)



Ignored by both the Washington Post and Prime Minister Kishida . . .


. . . are:


NATO's instigation of the war in Ukraine by essentially rolling right up to the Russian border


the US-fueled 2014 coup there that put literal Nazis into power


and Ukraine's subsequent slaughter of 14,000 Russians in eastern Ukraine, afterward.



Not to mention the massing of a Ukrainian army to finish that Donbas butchery job in February 2022, when Russia finally decided to intervene.


Also not mentioned, by either source, is the United States' refusal to let Ukraine negotiate a peace with Russia.


Nor does the Post, or apparently Kishida, take note of the fact that the United States and NATO continue to escalate the war with an ever-increasing flow of longer-range weapons into the region.


Additionally not addressed, is the fact that US and NATO troops have been inside Ukraine, assisting the Ukraine military with attacks on Russia, via advice and minute-to-minute intelligence and target selection.


Equally distorted are President Putin's alleged threats. Which, in any rationally interpreted context, were not threats — but reasonably crafted forecasts of the possible consequences of American escalations — given the nuclear war doctrines that are in place on both sides of the conflict.


Why quote your adversary accurately, when it is so easy to twist his or her words — and their obvious intent — to fit your own war-escalating, narrative requirements?



What is the result of this bundle of deliberate truth omissions?


Somehow the only nation to ever use nuclear weapons — and the one that obliterated both Hiroshima and Nagasaki and tens of thousands of Japanese people — is now the blameless victim of a nuke-mongering Russia.


Japan's leadership, we can conclude, belongs right up there in moral and intellectual cowardice with Germany and most of the European Union.


One would think that an intelligently led Japan would be more concerned about the war-instigating ramifications of the United States' encirclement of — and aggressivity toward — China, then it would be about trying to morally foist Hiroshima's death toll onto the Russian Federation.


But no. Instead, Japan continues actively contributing to the likelihood of forcing a nuclear war with China, as Japan (happily mindlessly) continues acting like a ventriloquist's knee-sitting dummy for America's always propagandizing neocons.


What, I wonder, do the Japanese think is going to happen to their islands, when the nukes (that their vassal warmongering tossed into the figurative air) really start flying?



The moral? — Nuclear war is, indeed, coming


And the neocon-controlled United States — and its suicidally spineless puppet nations — are solely responsible for creating and escalating the situations that make this so.