Jacob Kastrenakes, at The Verge, Spotted a Sensational Sky Diving Video Advertisement by Sony — for their Alpha 7 Line of Cameras — an Uplifting Visual Introduction to 2014 — and a Reminder of the Beauty of the Planet We Live on

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03 January 2014





Jacob Kastrenakes, Skydivers share their view from above the clouds in stunning Sony ad, The Verge (01 January 2014) (two embedded videos — one is the Sony advertisement, the other shows how Sony made it)



Why these two video clips are worth watching


Both remind us why we buy cameras




the trouble and expense that Sony went to create these clips, without using computer effects or staged shortcuts, is impressive.



The moral? — Uplifting art in commerce


The minimalist Sony advertisement is an artistic rendition that explains people’s love for skydiving and shows the planet’s atmospheric beauty — both without using words and without clobbering us with too much product-pushing.