Israel's killing of babies and children— with our money and weapons — is good for the United States, the US Pentagon implies

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08 November 2023



What fine nation we are


Gather ye purported American Christians and celebrate:



Press question:


General Ryder acknowledged that thousands of civilians in Gaza have been killed from Israel's attacks, and at the same -- in the same briefing, also acknowledged that the U.S. is not putting any conditions on the weapons its sending.


Is the Pentagon comfortable with the fact that the weapons it's sending could be used to kill civilians?



Deputy Pentagon Press Secretary Sabrina Singh:


Well, we don't put conditions on weapons that we're -- that we're sending or that Israel is using, but I can tell you, in all of our -- both public and -- and private conversations, the Secretary and this administration has been very clear that humanitarian law, proportionality, always be taken into consideration when conducting any type of response within Gaza.


I think that, you know, we're going to continue to have these conversations.


That's what a good partner does, is also having these tough conversations, both, you know -- you -- you're seeing Secretary Blinken there right now in the region, or -- or maybe just coming back.


You've seen Secretary Austin, on a near daily basis, have these calls with Minister Gallant.


So again, we're going to continue to voice our concerns, we're going to continue to urge that Israel uphold the laws of war, the humanitarian laws, but -- it is up -- it is really the IDF and their operations, that they would need to speak to those more specifically.


© 2023 U.S. Department of Defense, Deputy Pentagon Press Secretary Sabrina Singh Holds an On-Camera Press Briefing, (07 November 2023)



So yes, lambkins — we are for human decency


Just not enough to actually be decent.


Torrents of slaughter-based money (to fuel the American military industrial murder complex) just have to come first.


Isn't that what Jesus advised?


For sure.


Always immersed in blazing American hypocrisy's holy oil, of course.



Caitlin Johnstone is eloquent . . .


. . . on this (intentional mass slaughter) subject:



It’s the most 2020s thing in the world that there’s an active genocide currently underway and it’s the people who oppose it who are being called Nazis.


Gaza isn’t one of those issues where you have to respect the other side’s opinions. Supporting a genocidal massacre is not an acceptable opinion for anyone to have.


A state whose existence requires the mass murder of children every few years is not a state that should continue to exist.


© 2023 Caitlin Johnstone, Getting Called A Nazi For Opposing A Genocide, (08 November 2023)



The moral? — Neocon American leadership has turned . . .


. . . the United States into a soulless super-demon.


The stink of our moral decomposition has most of the sane world running away.


"The arc of the moral universe" and all that.