Israel's documented idea to sweep Gaza Palestinians into impoverished Egypt — and leave them there

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31 October 2023



If anyone else proposed this, the West would be outraged


But Zionists are exempt from murder charges, accusation of war crimes, and even blandly delivered criticism:



An official document of the Ministry of Intelligence recommends that the security system carry out a full transfer of all residents of the Gaza Strip to North Sinai, as the preferred option among the three alternatives it offers regarding the future of the Palestinians in the Strip at the end of the war.


The existence of the document does not necessarily indicate that its recommendations are being considered by the security system. Despite its name, the Ministry of Intelligence is not responsible for any intelligence body, but independently prepares studies and policy papers, which are distributed for perusal by the government and security bodies but are not binding on them. The annual budget of the office is about NIS 25 million and its influence is considered relatively small.


The document recommends that Israel act "to evacuate the Gazan population to Sinai" during the war: to establish tent cities and new cities in northern Sinai, which will accommodate the deported population, and then "to create a sterile zone of several kilometers inside Egypt and not allow the population to return to activity or residence near the Israeli border."


At the same time, countries in the world, and primarily the USA, must be harnessed to implement the move.


© 2023 Yuval Avraham, The complete document of the Ministry of Intelligence: occupation of Gaza and total transfer to its residents, Local Conversation (28 October 2023) (Google translation into English from Hebrew)



Notice that . . .


Not only does the proposed Israeli plan include driving roughly 2 million people off their land — with lots of dead and formerly resisting folks left behind — it also includes forcing this tide of possessions-stripped people into the Sinai desert portion of an already impoverished neighboring land.


Thus, Israel proposes battering two birds with one soulless stone.



The moral? — Perpetration of Holocaust activity has simply reincarnated itself . . .


. . . from former perpetrator into descendant victim.


It is difficult to see what value a modern Zion that is based upon such inhumane and death-enforced principles would have.


Particularly so, since this it is this new Zion that forcibly plopped itself into the midst of a mass of people, who were already there.


Historical perspective — and basic morality — are what is missing from the West's approving and militarily supported view of these circumstances.


It is not only Israel, where Nazi ideology has arguably reincarnated itself.