Hypocrisy does not run deeper — Dead-Brain Biden on the Mayorkas impeachment

© 2024 Peter Free


14 February 2024



Are these Federal Government scumbags capable of any objectivity at all?


From the AP:



The U.S. House voted Tuesday to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, with the Republican majority determined to punish the Biden administration over its handling of the U.S-Mexico border after failing last week in a politically embarrassing setback.


In a historic rebuke, the House impeached Mayorkas 214-213.


The charges against Mayorkas next go to the Senate for a trial, but neither Democratic nor even some Republican senators have shown interest in the matter and it may be indefinitely shelved to a committee.


© 2024 Lisa Mascaro, GOP-led House impeaches Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas — by one vote — over border management, AP (13 February 2024)



Of all this — 'Dead-Brain' Biden said that:



History will not look kindly on House Republicans for their blatant act of unconstitutional partisanship that has targeted an honorable public servant in order to play petty political games.


Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas, a Cuban immigrant who came to the United States with his family as political refugees, has spent more than two decades serving America with integrity in a decorated career in law enforcement and public service.


From his time in the Justice Department as a U.S. Attorney to his service as Deputy Secretary and now Secretary of Homeland Security, he has upheld the rule of law faithfully and has demonstrated a deep commitment to the values that make our nation great.


© 2024 The White House, Statement from President Joe Biden on House GOP’s Baseless Impeachment of Secretary Mayorkas, whitehouse.gov (13 February 2024)



The important propaganda points in that presidential announcement . . .


. . . apparently being that Mayorkas (and parents) had fled from the US-alleged communist nemesis, Fidel Castro, and is, therefore, a human being of holy nature.


And presumably — as a result of this implicitly attributed Diversity-related holiness — Mayorkas's current efforts to erase American individuality under a multi-year tsunami comprised of millions and millions of illegal migrants is Jesus's work.


Typical Democratic Party logic.


They of the stalwartly functioning non-Brain.



Now contrast . . .


. . . (to this currently alleged Republican-sponsored excess of partisanship) — Democrats' preposterously long imprisonment of Republican Capitol rioters for having posed a ridiculously reasoned Insurrection-by-Trespass menace to the continued existence of the United States.


Compare also, these same Democrats' deviously conceived embroilment of former President Trump in a series of equally preposterously concocted — if other presidents' past behaviors be a guide — 'lawfare' cases.



Yet suddenly now . . .


. . . Republicans are the only ones being unconstitutionally partisan?


Only a dementedly evil PoS organization, like Biden's Gang, could come up with a blatantly meritless accusation like this Mayorkas-based one. Contrived, as it is, against arguably legitimately impeachment-oriented House Republicans.



The moral? — If all these people, federal Democrats and Republicans . . .


. . . were to perish under assault from a God-bestowed death pox, America would be a much-much better place.


Imagine that.


Our alleged Republic would be vastly better off, without its supposedly freely elected, grift-grafting Uni-Party serf-masters.