Homo sapiens is trapped in a cook-stew of its own making — and even young Danny Sjursen has become a curmudgeon

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05 December 2019



I find it difficult to write with motivation these days


What with our planet's unforesightful herds of Homo sapiens — acquiescently constrained — under the thumbs of avaricious and equally dimwitted oligarchs.


Hope for situational improvement seems increasingly hard to find.


Has stupidity has become even more plague than normal?


One wonders whether finding a quiet cave to spend one's (old guy) ending days would be soulfully peace-inducing.



In this regard — the "curmudgeon connection" expands across generations


Comparatively young Danny Sjursen — former soldier, current historian and always insightful person — wrote the following, just a few days ago:



As the U.S. government, as well as far too many Americans, remain fixated on the decidedly minor threat of Islamist “terrorism,” two actual global existential perils persist and are hardly addressed.


I’m speaking, of course, of nuclear war and man-made, climate-based catastrophe.


Human beings simply don’t live long enough. Limited life spans inherently seem to encourage selfish, expedient, short-term, and thus delusional and destructive, thinking.


In that sense, climate change, though it’s becoming increasingly imminent, may just be too big . . . a problem for the truncated life spans of most humans.


As oceans flood the coasts, famine breaks out wholesale and resource-driven inter-state combat breaks out, my guess is that most desperate people will ignore . . . turn toward religion—or the irrationality of . . . casino/gambling culture—to endure the absurdity of their existence.


All the knowledge needed to save the world from climate catastrophe (and even nuclear war) is on our iPhones.


Unfortunately, most Americans are too busy watching porn and trolling their exes on Facebook to unite, organize and save themselves.


It’s an irrational, and classically human, defense mechanism of sorts.


Such is life, in . . . all its absurdity.


© 2019 Danny Sjursen, Humanity Is Riding Delusion to Extinction, TruthDig (02 December 2019)



Welcome, Danny, to Curmudgeon's Corner . . .


. . . where we wonder what sort of a malevolent deity would have made people just aware enough to dimly — but helplessly — perceive their species' self-destructive lack of self-control.



The moral? — Silence, they tell me, is golden


Although I imagine, there's "gonna" be a whole bunch'a screaming, when it all finally goes geologically south.



There is an inadvertent — atmospheric, geographic and nuclear war — pun buried in that southward allusion. If you have the scientific background necessary to uselessly uncovering it.



The nuke-war sedimentary layer might turn out to be interesting.


For someone.