History's serially repeating US-generated lie — dominoes will fall, so let's start another war

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01 April 2024



Stupid malevolence grates?


The Collective West is stupidly malevolent.


It grounds its economic core on warfare.


Especially so, in the United States.


A country run by oligarchs. Whose piles of lucre make them confident that they can outrun (or out-bunker) the consequences of their societally destructive actions.



As is usual . . .


. . . with propaganda-enslaved minds, it takes an alleged adversary to tell people the truth:



Moscow is not seeking a confrontation with America’s satellites in Eastern Europe, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday.


Multiple Western officials have tried to drum up support for additional aid to Ukraine by claiming that Moscow will not stop if Kiev is defeated on the battlefield. Putin addressed these claims during a visit to Torzhok air base in Tver Region.


“The claims that we are going to attack Europe after Ukraine – it is utter nonsense and intimidation of their own population just to beat the money out of them.”


US “satellites” in Eastern Europe have no reason to be afraid, Putin added. Talk of a potential Russian attack on Poland, the Czech Republic, or the Baltic states is just propaganda by governments that seek to scare their citizens “to extract additional expenses from people, to make them bear this burden on their shoulders.”


NATO has been expanding towards the borders of Russia, not the other way around, the president noted, adding that Russia is merely ”protecting our people on our historical territories.”


“They came right up to our borders… Did we go across the ocean to the borders of the United States? No, they are approaching us, and they have come very close,” he said.


© 2024 RT, Talk of Russia attacking NATO is ‘nonsense’ – Putin, rt.com (27 March 2024)



Putin's mild observation is correct


Which is why today, roughly three-quarters of the world population respects Russia and not the United States.


That's quite a rapid change in soft power status.


The irony is that the United States did this to itself. For decades, by consistently acting in mass murder and plunder-prone fashion.



The moral? — Pertinent to the skill of developing accurate perception . . .


Western populations are, in the main, mindless by choice.



One decides — whether by commission or omission — not to pay attention to easily observable facts.


And subsequently, one expends considerable amounts of mental sloth in not connecting History's plainly evident and threatening dots.



If we are eventually slaughtered by the wars that the American Military Industrial Complex is provoking with Russia, China and Iran — it will arguably have been our own fault.


Evolutionary justice will have been served.


And we will have the foolishly prized honor of having malignantly accelerated ourselves out of civilization's moral, mental and physical fitness equation.


The emphasis (in this process) landing on 'malignant'.