Hamas might be hiding under your bed — propaganda stories for mind-enslaved American sheep

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17 October 2023



We are so accustomed to Washington DC's fascistically minded absurdity by now . . .


. . . that we tend to ignore it.


That's probably not a good thing for Freedom's survival.



Consider James Howard Kunstler's perspective


Reacting to US manipulation of the current Israel versus Hamas situation, Kunstler noted that — here in excerpts:



On Thursday, FBI Director Chris Wray and Homeland Security chief Alejandro Mayorkas warned Americans that terrorist threats are rising in the US since Hamas attacked Israel, October 7th.


We must be especially alert to the “lone wolf” lurking amongst us, he added.


Neither of these officials noted that the rising terror threat here had any relation to the thousands of aliens streaming daily across the US border unvetted, or that the agencies under Homeland Security were helping to distribute them into every corner of America by plane and bus, giving them free cell phones, loaded debit cards, and other rewards for breaking the law.


And that “lone wolf” bit — is it possible that any number of them actually arrived as trained and pre-organized cadres or squads?


Since the FBI has been so preoccupied the duration of the “Joe Biden” regime tracking down every native-born living soul who attended the 1/6/21 riot at the US Capitol, instead of using the agency’s assets to monitor alien networking, you have to wonder why Mr. Wray even bothers to comment on the current situation.


He can only embarrass (or incriminate) himself more deeply.


One thing for sure is not happening: any effort by Mr. Mayorkas and his 260,000 employees to make the US/Mexico border any less porous.


Speaking of mind-blowing bullshit . . . former CIA Director Leon Panetta chimed in with Fox News’s Bret Baier last week to declare he still thinks that Hunter Biden’s laptop was a Russian dis-info operation.


As with so many blobsters infesting government and its nether regions, Leon Panetta likes to demonstrate that his contempt for the people of this land is boundless. He can’t possibly believe what he is saying.


Everyone from the FBI to The New York Times has declared Hunter’s laptop authentic.


Therefore, Leon Panetta is either a fool, a lying scoundrel, or insane.


© 2023 James Howard Kunstler, Who Do They Think They’re Kidding?, kunstler.com (16 October 2023)



Exactly so


Wray, Mayorkas and Panetta are malevolent Liberty-crushers. Perfectly in accord with Dead-Brain Biden and the warmongering Deep State that runs his silly-puppet self.



The moral? — Will We the People eventually have to adopt Hezbollah tactics . . .


. . . to recover our country from these tyrants?


One wonders.


Shudder-seriously so.


Think Thomas Jefferson.