Hamas — being the vicious dumbasses that they are — idiotically decided to reverse the support-losing trend of Zionist Israel's terror campaign in Gaza

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01 December 2023



Hamas — no self-discipline, no common sense . . .


. . . and just a bunch of terrorists?


From the Times of Israel:



Four people were killed and five were wounded Thursday, one of them seriously, in a terror shooting attack claimed by Hamas at the entrance to Jerusalem, police and medics said.


One of those killed was a civilian who fired at the terrorists and was mistaken by other responders for one of the shooters.


According to police, at around 7:40 a.m., two Palestinian gunmen got out of a vehicle on Weizmann Boulevard at the main entrance to the capital and opened fire at people at a bus stop.


Police said two off-duty soldiers and an armed civilian in the area returned fire, killing the two terrorists. Both soldiers had been on a break from fighting in the Gaza Strip and were heading back to the front line when the attack occurred.


On Thursday afternoon, Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack and hailed the perpetrators as “jihad-waging martyrs.”


© 2023 Emanuel Fabian, Four killed, 5 injured in Hamas-claimed terror shooting at Jerusalem bus stop, Times of Israel (30 November 2023) (includes embedded video)



The moral? — Vicious dumbassery characterizes both militarized sides . . .


. . . in the Zionist-Hamas conflict.


Apparently, both armed groups (Hamas and Zionists) enjoy generating the Hell they create.


Leaving civilians to bear the costs of their stupidly going-nowhere, anti-strategic engagements.


If one could magically disappear both these armed groups, humanity's practical intelligence quotient would notably rise.