Governing ideologues are determined to destroy the United States — in fascist Greenism's name

© 2024 Peter Free


24 May 2024



Definition — ideologue


Someone who knows nothing of substance and cannot think — but has a death-instigating philosophy that he (she and it) wants to tyrannically impose on the world.





Here, in the US Environmental Protection Agency's own words — we witness a hare-brained philosophy that defies chemistry, physics and societal reality:



EPA has issued final carbon pollution standards for power plants that set carbon dioxide (CO2)  limits for new gas-fired combustion turbines and CO2 emission guidelines for existing coal, oil and gas-fired steam generating units, securing important climate benefits and protecting public health.


These rules will significantly reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from existing coal-fired power plants and from new natural gas turbines, ensuring that all long-term coal-fired plants and base load new gas-fired plants control 90% of their carbon pollution.


© 2024 United States Environmental Protection Agency, Greenhouse Gas Standards and Guidelines for Fossil Fuel-Fired Power Plants — Rule Summary, (13 May 2024)



Sounds grand, doesn't it?


Until one encounters Reality's physical constraints.


Thus, in energy analyst Alex Epstein's synopsis:



4 reasons EPA’s power plant rule will destroy our grid:


Our grid is in crisis


EV + AI demand will make things far worse


EPA’s rule will shut down almost all our coal plants and prevent new natural gas replacement plants


Unreliable solar and wind can't make up the difference


© 2024 Alex Epstein, How EPA's power plant rule will destroy our grid, (22 May 2024)



The rest of Epstein's essay makes his case. Which should be obvious to anyone, who has lived anywhere in the United States that experiences serial power outages.


With, of course, our idiots-run — warmongering and tyranny-focused — American government(s) doing nothing at all to make things infrastructurally better.



In US Government's twisted Americanese . . .


US 'national security' means killing harmless people abroad in droves, while completely ignoring deadly problems at home.


Thus, parasite-sucking the American populace to death.



The moral? —  Ideologues in government (anywhere) are not your friend


For humanity's sake, bring back rational citizen courts and Sanity's enforcing guillotines.