Germany apparently learned nothing from — the Red Army's annihilation of the Wehrmacht

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26 December 2023



For Germany, these days


No provocation of the Russian Bear, today, goes too far:



German officials in Karlsruhe announced plans this week to seize almost $800 million in assets from a Russian bank's account in Frankfurt, due to alleged violations of EU sanctions.


Germany has blocked some €5.3 billion of Russian assets in its financial institutions, according to official data.


Authorities in Berlin are reportedly now targeting the assets of a Moscow Stock Exchange subsidiary at the German branch of JPMorgan.


© 2023 RT, Germans are ‘thieves’ – Lavrov, (21 December 2023)



This slap in the face comes after Germany sent German tanks and money to Ukraine to attack the Russian 'special military operation' — which itself was a response to anti-Russian NATO and US military enchroachments.





Blindly reopening old wounds


You will recall that Nazi-run Germany invaded the Soviet Union in 1941. The Red Army repelled that assault, to the tune of 27 to 33 million combined civilian and military Soviet deaths.


Do you think the Russians are going to forget this latest German treachery?



Probably not


Evaluate Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov's response to Germany's incipient criminality:



“They are thievish, we realized this a long time ago. They have been treacherous all along in political terms, you know: in the sense of reneging on agreements and trying to deceive someone.


"Now they have turned out to be thieves in the literal sense,” Lavrov told journalists following his visit to Tunisia.


The top Russian diplomat said the West is “laser-focused on the idea of finding some legal way to confiscate Russia’s assets,” starting with redirecting the interest from the currently frozen funds to Ukraine.


“The Europeans still have some rudimentary respect for their own laws, so they are delaying these decisions. But according to our sources, behind the scenes the Americans are advising them on how to change these laws to steal everything,” he explained.


© 2023 RT, Germans are ‘thieves’ – Lavrov, (21 December 2023)



Lavrov is one of history's most skillful diplomats. His message to the tiresomely Nazi-supporting Germans is, intentionally, not diplomatically worded.


The Russians have, evidently, decided that they will batter Germany — in one fashion or another — should Germany escalate the West's provocation stream beyond a certain point.


With that in mind, consider modern Germany's pitifully weak military. For decades, Germany has been penny-pinching its defense and hiding behind American power in a cowardly fashion.


How well do you think the Germans are going to fare — going forward — now that the US has fully revealed both its military incompetence (all over the world) and its own proxy-using cowardice (in Ukraine) for all to witness?


Do you think that screwing with the Russian Federation — and, by implication, its de facto ally, China — might be a destination too far for the mentally and psychologically deteriorated Germans?



The moral? — Pipsqueaks should avoid provoking their military betters


Germany would do well to look back at the Wehrmacht's 1945 fate and reconsider its modern options. A reordering of Germany's international relationships is in order.


Aligning with Russia and resurrecting the Russian energy source (Nord Stream) — which the United States so maliciously blew up — would stop US-instigated German deindustrialization and ameliorate the foolishly weak security situation that the Germans have self-destructively provoked with Moscow.


Though this is geopolitically obvious, it seems doubtful that the suicidally inclined Deustches Volk are going to dredge up the 'balls' necessary to make the necessary reorientation.


One can't fix stupid, as the American expression goes.