German foreign minister Annalena Baerbock mush-headedly sounded off — and my comment about contrasting civilizations

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17 July 2023



Let's start with a representative example of the West's vacuous leadership


And close with a pertinent contrast between (what we might reasonably call) competing civilizations.



First, the idiot


Whose flaunted inanity exactly parallels that of virtually all other European and American leaders.


Below, is German foreign minister Annalena Baerbock speaking to Bild — with my addition in bracketed italics:






There is high inflation. People have to save, maybe they can't go on vacation.


At the same time, the federal government is putting together an arms package for Ukraine worth 700 million euros.


How do you explain this?



Baerbock [evidently having difficulty articulately anything rationally cause-effect coherent]:



On the one hand, we would have this insane inflation here, but worldwide it is much more dramatic, not to this extent if the brutal Russian war of aggression were not there.


This Russian war of aggression is not only the cause of the catastrophic situation in Ukraine, of people dying in Ukraine, but is also the reason why the world economy has gotten into another crisis after Corona, that hunger in the world has grown, that we are also in an economic recession in Europe, because we have made ourselves independent of Russian gas and oil.


In other words, to all those who are now saying: 'Do something about inflation', to whom I reply:


This is one of the reasons why this brutal Russian war of aggression must stop.


© 2023 Paul Ronzheimer and Giorgos Moutafis, Don't play off social problems against Ukraine aid, Bild (15 July 2023)



Thus, according to Baerbock and almost everyone else in Western authority


Russia's self-defensive special military operation (of itself) magically plunged our planet into catastrophic inflation and resource-vanishment.


And the West's self-destroying (meaning boomeranging) anti-Russia economic sanctions — as well as its grotesquely huge financial and military subsidies to Nazi Ukraine — have had nothing significant to do with Germany's, or anyone else's, currently deindustrializing economic situation.



The moral? — A civilizational battle?


The West's core problem is its paired combination of pillaging leader-fools and passively unresisting, continually fleeced and propagandized populations.


Contrast China's societal construct. It may provide an Eastern antidote to the West's parasitic self-destruction.


The PRC substitutes autocratic (nationally directed) economic competence. The latter is predominantly directed at lifting the entire population out of poverty.


This paired orientation outshines (in moral and shared political utility) the West's favored fascist corporatism and its population-victimizing bloodsucking.


Admittedly, but probably necessarily, China propagandizes its population in (somewhat arguably) whole-herd-benefiting directions.


Though this kind of authority and psychological molding is too anthill like for my personal taste, it seems preferable to the similarly molded — rapaciously murder-prone, Elites-benefiting and purely parasitic — construct that we, also propagandistically, currently favor in the West.


Based on this hypothesized 'favorable' versus 'unfavorable' contrast, I tentatively propose that former PRC foreign minister Wang Yi (now promoted) and current PRC president Xi Jinping are notably preferable to European vacuity duo that representatively pairs Baerbock with EU president, Ursula von der Leyen — who is just as destructively dimwitted as her fellow German, Annalena B.


One could toss any other German leader into this comparison with equally unappetizing aplomb.


Take the almost literally spineless blob of mentally deficient protoplasm, chancellor Olaf Scholz. Or his vice chancellor sidekick, the arguably serial ball-dropping, Robert Habeck.



If you do not recall this German group's unforgivable sins against their own country, you have not been paying attention.


Allow me to remind y'all that the United States (almost certainly) blew up the Nord Stream gas pipelines (that German industry depended upon for affordable fuel) and not one of these cowardly nutcases spoke out against it.



Similarly, Yi and Xi are indubitably preferable to the insane Blinken-Biden-Deep State construct that is in the process of rapidly accelerating the United States' own self-destruction.


The same preference applies, when contrasting Russia's (historically magnificent) foreign minister Lavrov and president Putin with virtually all of the West's leaders.


We might (from all this) conclude — at least when well-pondered — that sanely displayed, society-benefiting ability in leading national affairs should matter a lot to self-preservation oriented ordinary folks.


Too bad that we do not have any of such admirable abilities cropping up in prominent power positions on our side of the East-West divide.


Interesting times.