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16 March 2024



Swamp cow?


Regarding 'Toria' Nuland's resignation from the Biden State Department's den of maliciously indulged evil — Chebureki Man observed that:



Icky Vicki Nuland is such a hate-filled foaming russohysteric that it's highly doubtful her resignation was voluntarily [offered].


She's just not the type to go quietly away, especially with Putin humiliating her and her scheming interventionist machinations.


Which means the Biden admin purged her and the Party is now frantically looking for a way out of her catastrophic mess.


An election is coming up and the swamp cow's incompetence was threatening Biden's throne, and so she got tossed under the bus.



The moral? — We see that insulting phrases can be figuratively fun and accurate


This is (arguably) virtually the only positive that we still have going for us in the United States.


Neocons and neoliberals have so screwed up the place, that the best we can hope for is re-electing American History's most supreme insulter — Donald Trump — to reenact his previous, abysmally incompetent, presidential office.


With that not improbable election — as the American Ship of State haplessly continues to sink — we will be treated to another four years of Trump's humorously insulting names for those who (equally dumbassly) oppose him.


Thus, this nation of belligerent ignoramuses will sing musical invectives — reversed Titanic-like — as History's waves seal our parasite-controlled selves off from the rest of humanity.


In this liltingly failed manner, another cautionary parable shall publish itself in Time's often sad Book.