Four arguable scumbags from the Kennedy clan — join with the sheep-controlling rag, The Guardian — in slamming RFK Jr

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11 October 2023



When silence would have (arguably) more morally served . . .


. . . this fractional family's purpose, the following four Kennedy clan dupes spoke out:



“The decision of our brother Bobby to run as a third party candidate against Joe Biden is dangerous to our country,” said sisters Rory Kennedy, Kerry Kennedy and Kathleen Kennedy Townsend; and brother Joseph P Kennedy II in a statement posted on X, formerly known as Twitter.


“Bobby might share the same name as our father, but he does not share the same values, vision or judgment. Today’s announcement is deeply saddening for us. We denounce his candidacy and believe it to be perilous for our country.”


It is not the first time Kennedy family members have criticized their relative, a noted conspiracy theorist and anti-vaxxer.


In an email to the Guardian, Rory Kennedy said: “There is a great deal of hate in the world and remarks like Bobby’s only serve to fuel that hate. Such conspiracy mongering not only creates more divisiveness, it actually puts people’s lives in danger.”


© 2023 Richard Luscombe, Robert F Kennedy Jr’s siblings condemn his ‘perilous’ presidential campaign, The Guardian (09 October 2023) (quoting the four Kennedy's X tweet, here)



So, you see


We can add the Back-Stabbing Four's disloyalty, calumny, irrationality, lack of investigative brain, and Establishment puppet-tude — to the propaganda tide running against Robert Francis Kennedy Jr's campaign for the American presidency.



Let's probe the inaccuracies of  . . .


. . . the four Kennedys' tweet and The Guardian's (not honestly) provided context.



First inaccuracy


The Guardian's title is erroneous.


"Siblings condemn" semantically implies all eight surviving siblings condemned their brother. Actually, only four did.


Leaving another four who apparently have not. (Robert Francis Kennedy and Ehtel Skakel had eleven children. Nine survive.)


Ergo, four other RFK Jr siblings tacitly abstained from throwing logs on the Back-Stabbing Four's condemnatory fire.



Second inaccuracy


The tweet's assertion that RFK Jr "does not share the same values, vision and judgment" (as his father) goes so widely astray as to be ludicrous. That so, when taken in context of the Back-Stabbing Four's allegiance to the demented warmonger, President Joe Biden.


I was an adult, when RFK was assassinated. I had followed his presidential campaign with significant hope.


There is no way on God's Earth that RFK would have supported the murder-mongering, US-destroying, Deep State puppet in the White House.


Nor would RFK approved of the ways in which The Grand American Plutocracy has intentionally impoverished ordinary Americans.


In character, passion and style of delivery — RFK Jr is the image of his father.


Thus, the Back-Stabbing Four are (very arguably) wrong as a matter of easily extrapolated historical fact.


And therefore, they are also confessing to having been puppetized by — or being members of — the duplicitously propagandizing Fascist Oligarchy.



Third inaccuracy


The Guardian — deep into its role as a propaganda-spewing Establishment stooge — slams RFK Jr as "noted conspiracy theorist and anti-vaxxer".


RFK Jr is, easily arguably, neither.


For instance, being a conspiracy theorist would (connotatively) require that one be pretty consistently proven wrong in one's allegations.


This seems not to be the case with RFK Jr.


At least not with regard to the numerous topics that he lays a good evidentiary foundation for — in his book — The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health(Skyhorse Publishing, 2021).


I am pretty darn sure that none of the Back-Stabbing Four have read its well-documented contents, in their entirety.


This lapse of omission is almost always true of people, who blanketly condemn other people for their anti-Establishment views, but nevertheless indulge in making that condemnation — without assessing any of the evidence that more investigatively minded Resistance types advance in support of their reasoning and conclusions.


Via similar evidence-assessing logic, one can reasonably object to vaccines for which there is little benefit and/or increased risk — or even causing notable harm or death, among some demographics — without automatically objecting to other vaccines, for which the evidence of safety and benefit is more solid.


Yet, in spite of such Logic-derived obviousness — 'anti-vaxxer' gets attached anybody, who rationally discriminates between (and among) the medical and public health qualities of Establishment-promoted vaccines.


'Anti-vaxxer' is, thus, a mindlessly blanket pejorative that only sheep use.


Not to say that blanket vaccine rejection is an intelligent (or rational) course, either.



The moral? — The Establishment is everywhere and controls nearly everything


The fact that RFK Jr runs against it, is a plus in my view.


The fact that four of his back-stabbing siblings run with it — is indicative of the Oligarchic Pollution that even the mighty Kennedys have (at least partially) succumbed to.


And last, The Guardian's sly smearing of RFK Jr is fully representative of its worthlessness as a (traditionally understood) 'Fourth Estate' facts and investigation provider:



Today, the “fourth estate” is a term that is usually referred to as the press or the media that comprises journalists, photographers, radio announcers, television broadcasters and whoever that is responsible for the political and societal power they wield throughout mainstream media.


The hallmark of the fourth estate is that it scrutinises the actions of public officials and political institutions in the interest of the public, serving as a watchdog that holds the other three estates (the legislation, the executive and the judiciary) accountable for their actions (Schultz, 1998, p. 23).


© 2018 Hanis Jazil, What is the Fourth Estate and some of its ideals? Is it relevant in today’s society?, Medium (20 August 2018)



The United States crumbles around us. Defeated by the abysmal quality of its avaricious leaders.


RFK Jr would be a breath of dawn's air.


Even though, not even he could defeat the Establishment, without a determined uprising — by We the People — against our current, propaganda-fueled, serf-style enslavement.