Finland to patsy itself — in aid of US military expansion along Russia's border

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14 August 2023



The Finns apparently weren't home . . .


. . . when God handed functioning brains out.


Consider the following extinction-inviting behavior:



Washington and Helsinki are in the process of establishing a new defense cooperation agreement that would see expended deployments of American soldiers and Finland hosting war games.


Helsinki and Washington are negotiating a new Defense Cooperation Agreement (DCA).


The new DCA will expand America’s military presence to several Finnish bases, including ports and airports.


[It] . . . will “permit the presence of foreign troops for extended periods, specifically for conventional military exercises…[and] grant US military personnel access to facilities and areas within Finland for training, weapons storage, and equipment maintenance.”


The war games and NATO soldiers will be viewed as a provocation by Russia, which shares an 800 miles border with Finland.


When Helsinki announced its intention to join the North Atlantic bloc last year, the Kremlin warned about additional international troop deployments in Finland. Last week, Moscow announced it would deploy additional military assets to its border with NATO members.


Helsinki wants all integration troops deployments to be labeled as temporary.


© 2023 Kyle Anzalone, US, Finland Negotiating Defense Agreement That Would See Deployment of American Troops, AntiWar (13 August 2023)





Where the neocon-neoliberal US is concerned, turning foreign nations into patsies is forever.


Or until death, like US-proxied Ukraine.



In short


Finland's behavior is akin to a 90 pound weakling knocking on a nuclear-armed Mike Tyson-analog's door and threatening to shoot his eye out with a single-shot BB gun.


If national suicide becomes the increasingly likely result of Finland's foolish geopolitical experiment, Finland will join the three Baltic nations in being remembered for its self-destroying, pipsqueak-originated, provocativeness.



The moral? — So much for alleged Nordic societal competence


What the previously neutral and demonstrably historically benefiting Finns will gain from their new Russia eye-poking behavior is hard to rationally detect.


Especially so, with a now provenly impotent (US-led) NATO ready to run away from direct involvement, once the Russians get serious about implementing a counter-reaction.


Suicidal stupidity is on a roll in the psychotically belligerent West.


This is similar to a fatal pandemic of cluelessly minded self-destruction.