E. Jean Carroll's civil court victory — highlights (again) Donald Trump's arrogance-based incompetence and lack of foresight

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10 May 2023



Lack of brain consistently bites chunks out of Donald Trump's ambition


The arrogant incompetence that former president Trump displayed in populating his presidential administration with people who overtly worked against his announced goals, also lost him the civil case brought against him by E. Jean Carroll.



You only need to watch . . .


. . . the following video clip of Trump's deposition in that litigation to see how lightly he took Carroll's allegations and how stupidly he underestimated the potential gravity of her case:



Politico, Deposition video: Trump mistakes E. Jean Carroll for Marla Maples, politico.com (05 May 2023 of legal deposition dated 19 October 2022)



As a lawyer, I have trouble understanding — absent Trump really having been sordidly badly acting, as Carroll alleged — how Trump's legal team performed so poorly in his defense.


Trump seems to have a talent for picking fools to represent him, or turning formerly competent attorneys into street drool.


See, for example, (the admittedly biased) Politico's overview of how the Carroll case proceeded:



Ankush Khardori, A Stunning Result in Trump’s Sexual Assault Trial, Politico (09 May 2023)



My guess is that Trump's lead attorney, Joe Tacopina, did not put Trump on the stand because Trump would have lent weight to Carroll's case by traipsing off into some jury and/or plaintiff-offending rant.


Sometimes good lawyers lose cases because their client is either guilty or too self-destructively dumb to save.



The moral?  — Trump is, at core, a bombastic nitwit with a talent for manipulation


The fact that Joe Biden (and the Democrats who support him) are also malicious, bombastic nitwits — with talents for manipulation — does not diminish the scope, or deserved justice, of Trump's consistent self-destruction.


He gets himself into these messes.


And then whines and rails about how undeserved it all is.


In significant ways, ironically, Trump would be a perfect president for the United States. That's because American leadership, and substantial portions of our public, consistently behave similarly.


Maliciously destructive, thoughtless, self-entitled fools — all.


I cannot imagine having to suffer six more years of dementia-laden Biden or four more of toddler Trump.



And please don't mention the visibly even stupider flea-weight Deep State stooge, Kamala Harris.



The United States has — apparently voluntarily — packaged itself for toilet-assisted self-disposal.