Donny Deutsch demonstrated how ridiculous the American Establishment is

© 2019 Peter Free


20 March 2019



Grant me surcease from these fools?


Many-times-over millionaire Donny Deutsch — probably best known today for his appearances on Joe Scarborough's MSNBC show — said that — (here much shortened to make his perspective seem less emotionally extreme than it was):



I find Donald Trump reprehensible as a human being, but a socialist candidate is more dangerous to this country, as far as the strength and well-being of our country, than Donald Trump.


[W]e are not Denmark.


[P]lease step away from the socialism.


© 2019 Kyle Drennan, Morning Joe Warns of ‘Democratic Party in Crisis’ Over Socialism, NewsBusters (08 March 2019) (here abbreviated to make Mr. Deutsch sound less extreme, than he actually was at the time)



So, here's a rich-rich guy . . .


. . . who not only:


does not know what socialism is —


(like virtually everyone else in our land of profound ignorance) —


but who also


does not recognize that


the United States is the planet's bulwark of government-mandated,




American-style socialism for corporatists and plutocrats.



All hail, King's Man Donny!





Deutsch's perspective is the rabidly prevailing (and unexamined) societal presumption about the evils of anything that does not consist of societally approved looting.


The "unregulated capitalism is best" premise brooks no opposition. Unless the opposer be willing to be skinned alive for having been Comrade Lenin's miserable puppet.


Off to the gallows of ideological rapaciousness we go.


The capacities for making obvious conceptual distinctions — or perceiving (even thundering) nuance — are not among our American strengths.



The moral? — Plutopotomi will continue to squish the rest of us under their "awesomely" bullion-filled feet


We are doomed by our predilections for coddling mass vacuity and the propaganda kool-aid that goes with it.