Democrats seem to lack common sense — 74 percent of House Democrats voted against being required to deport illegal migrants who commit Social Security fraud

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02 February 2024



Hard to believe . . .


. . . but real:



Democrats talk a big game about 'Republican attacks on Social Security,' but 75% of House Dems just voted against deporting migrants who commit Social Security fraud.


Introduced by Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA) in December, H.R. 6678 passed with 172 "yea" votes, and 155 "nay" votes - all Democrats, with 55 of them voting with the Republicans.


© 2024 Tyler Durden, 75% of House Democrats Voted against Deporting Criminal Migrants Who Commit Social Security Fraud9, ZeroHedge (01 February 2024)



My title's 74 percent . . .


. . . comes from actually doing the applicable math.


We don't want to malign Democrats by holding 1 percent more of them to be malicious dumbasses, than the 74 percent of them that truly are.



With idiots like these House Democrats in charge . . .


. . . will there remain any value in being a legitimate American citizen?


Or will US citizens be enslaved by the Democratic Elite into making the world a supposedly better place for everyone — except our blood-sucked selves?



It gets arguably worse


House Democrats also voted 150 to 59 against deporting illegal immigrants, who have been convicted of driving while intoxicated.


That's kind'a like handing these non-citizens folks a license to kill the rest of us on our own ground.



The moral? — The United States is in the process of flushing itself away


In a saner America, would this be called Treason?


Or simply Mass-Homicidal Stupidity?


Both potentially sentenceable to death.