Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin advanced a revoltingly hypocritical indictment — of Yemen's missile and drone-firing Houthis

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24 December 2023



Recall, when reading  . . .


. . . that the United States is financing, arming and supporting Zionist Israel in its quasi-genocide of Gaza's Palestinians. The vast majority of these deaths and dismemberments being women and children.


In opposition, Yemen's Houthis began missile and drone-attacking ships headed for the Suez Canal and ultimately Israel.


The Houthis' idea being that interrupting trade might persuade the West to reflect upon the gargantuan immorality of killing masses of innocent people.


Naturally, the United States could not accept such a rational and proportionately just response from a bunch of 'obviously' untamed Arabs.


Can't have any of the Brown People rise up, now can we?



Undaunted by himself being . . .


. . . American Satan's 'hand-of-death' implementor, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin — former US general and happy scumbagger from Raytheon — made the following morally absurd call to arms:



The recent escalation in reckless Houthi attacks originating from Yemen threatens the free flow of commerce, endangers innocent mariners, and violates international law.


The Red Sea is a critical waterway that has been essential to freedom of navigation and a major commercial corridor that facilitates international trade.


Countries that seek to uphold the foundational principle of freedom of navigation must come together to tackle the challenge posed by this non-state actor launching ballistic missiles and uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs) at merchant vessels from many nations lawfully transiting international waters.


This is an international challenge that demands collective action.


Therefore, today I am announcing the establishment of Operation Prosperity Guardian, an important new multinational security initiative under the umbrella of the Combined Maritime Forces and the leadership of its Task Force 153, which focuses on security in the Red Sea.


Operation Prosperity Guardian is bringing together multiple countries to include the United Kingdom, Bahrain, Canada, France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Seychelles and Spain, to jointly address security challenges in the southern Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, with the goal of ensuring freedom of navigation for all countries and bolstering regional security and prosperity.


© 2023 U.S. Department of Defense, Statement from Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III on Ensuring Freedom of Navigation in the Red Sea, (18 December 2023)



We must, implied Austin, be free to navigate a successful genocide in Gaza.


Let mass death be the United States' primary export.



The moral? — US leadership is demonically obscene


How many punishing Circles of Hell did Dante say there were?


Where would these neocon Americans land, if justice were (actually ever) done?