China knows the neocon American devil — an editorial in the Global Times

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12 October 2023



Naked greed, pinpointed


With the Middle East inflamed again — not unlikely as a result of US and Israeli intelligence scheming — vis a vis allowing Hamas terrorism to run rampant in Israel this week — China's Global Times said this:



From the point of view of avoiding more human casualties and of averting a humanitarian disaster, the most rational and responsible response after the initial attack is to call on all parties to exercise maximum restraint and calm and to achieve a ceasefire as soon as possible.


However, instead of calming the situation, US officials appear busy fanning the flames by providing additional military aid.


Not only in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but in every conflict, the US response is always to escalate the violence instead of encouraging peace.


This is because war brings losses and pains to most countries and regions in the world, but the US is one of the few that can exploit the conflict for sickening profits.


Take a look at the performance of US defense stocks this week.


The nearly 9 percent rise in Lockheed Martin's stock on Monday was the biggest for the largest US defense contractor on a non-earnings day since March 2020. Northrop Grumman shares also had their best day since 2020.


[I]f any group stands any chance to exploit the conflict and profit from the violence, it will probably be the US military-industrial complex.


Whenever there is a military conflict or even merely regional tensions in any part of the world, the US can always find a way of turning it into a great opportunity for American arms dealers to make a fortune.


Instead of contributing to the maintenance of world peace, the US has continued to fuel the escalation and continuation of various conflicts[,] so as to bring fortunes to its military-industrial complex, but it comes at the expense of people's lives.


© 2023 Global Times, Who stands to profit from Israeli-Palestinian conflict?, (11 October 2023)



Difficult to (reasonably) argue with that synopsis


Sadly, America's fascistically inclined neocon devils have most of us sleepy sheep by throat and mind.



The moral? — Parasitism is fun for parasites


Which pretty much characterizes the neocon-led United States — happily making other people die, so that Corporatist Oligarchs can slurp profit from their blood.


'Satanic' accurately describes this societal trait. Which is what China's leadership is saying, without being overtly rude.


You can imagine what is going to happen, when the neocon United States tries to pull the trigger on China's 1.4 billion people.