'Chicken' Blinken — Russian foreign minister Lavrov stuck a reality pike up Neocon America's decomposing hind end

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03 December 2023



Where neocons have taken us


Led by dementia-vacuous president Joe Biden — who is puppeted by the nihilistic American deep state — and represented abroad by Biden's supposedly diplomatic sidekick — the quintessentially undiplomatic and explosively deluded secretary of state, Antony Blinken — we Americans are slip-sliding in the muck at the bottom of a feces barrel of our own making.



As a result


Russia has apparently had its fill of the belligerently warmongering foolishness that Neocon America has become.



For example, consider America's truculent behavior . . .


. . . at the recently concluded Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) meeting. Which, for readers' temporal orientation, took place during the US-instigated and proxied Ukraine War.


Diplomatically absurdly, Antony Blinken and the European Union's equivalent, Josep Borrell, left the meeting early. Meaning that they scuttled away, before Russia's foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, arrived.


Not present at all, were Ukraine and Poland's (or the Baltic states) equivalently high-ranking diplomats.



Arguably reasonably, therefore . . .


. . . at a post-meeting press conference, Lavrov concluded that:



Well, they probably think that by doing so they emphasize their intention to isolate Russia.


But I think that they are simply cowardly, they are afraid of any honest conversation with facts in hand.


© 2023 RIA Novosti, Lavrov said that Blinken and Borrell are afraid of conversation, ria.ru (01 December 2023)



Handily paraphrased . . .


In Donald Trump's (attributing memorable labels) fashion:



Chicken Blinken



The moral? — Respect for the United States has swirled away


American leadership is so deludedly incompetent, uncompromising and completely untrustworthy that virtually no one on this planet sees any merit (at all) in talking to us.


How's that for rabid exercise of soft US hegemonic power?


Past American generations will be wondering what sort of (maliciously braindead) dopes would squander the previously reigning good will that it took more than a century to compile.