Chancellor Olaf Scholz — a suitably idiotic leader for suicidally inclined Germany

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10 December 2023



Germany appears to be competing with . . .


 . . . the United States' Biden administration for creating quick ways to put a self-directed bullet in its own head.


Look at what Scholz said his SPD political party's December 2023 congress:



Scholz, whose public ratings fell to a record low in a recent survey by broadcaster ARD, said the budget negotiations were no "insurmountable task" but required a common understanding across the three-way coalition.


"But it is very clear to me that there will be no dismantling of the welfare state in Germany in a situation like this," he said.


He also reiterated that the world faced a drawn-out war in Ukraine following Russia's invasion in February 2022, saying Germany needed to be ready to continue with aid efforts to Kyiv until 2025.


"That is why, if necessary and others are paring back, we must be able to possibly make an even greater contribution."


© 2023 Andreas Rinke and Christoph Steitz, Germany's Scholz confident that budget crisis can be overcome, Reuters (09 December 2023)



And this additional absurdity:



Later on Saturday, the party members signed off on a foreign policy position paper declaring that the Social Democrats' old, fairly friendly policies towards post-Soviet Russia had been an error.


The paper said it was a mistake to think that intensifying trade ties would help incentivize and accelerate Russia's democratization, and that this also led to Germany becoming too dependent on energy imports from Russia.


"It was a mistake not to distance ourselves from the Putin system earlier," party chairman Lars Klingbeil said at the conference.


Gerhard Schröder — the former SPD chancellor most commonly associated with friendly ties to Putin, who went on to hold various positions with Russian state oil and gas companies after leaving office — was pointedly not invited to this weekend's conference.


© 2023 DW, Germany's Scholz talks Ukraine and budget at SPD conference, (09 December 2023)



In sum, Scholz and his party are maintaining that Germany should have deindustrialized itself long ago. By voluntarily cutting off its formerly cheap supply of Russian gas. Rather than impolitely forcing the Americans do it, via their destruction of Nord Stream.


One cannot be more cowardly than Scholz's slithering-worm position:



Deny what everyone else legitimately assesses to having been US energy terrorism (in the Nord Stream destruction).


And then, further emphasize German yellow-bellied-ness by blaming itself for having forced Terrorist America to act in blowing the pipelines up.


All of this taking place, so that American-puppet Germany can now have the privilege of paying US energy suppliers — or intermediary (re-routed Russian gas) suppliers — vastly more for Germany's formerly inexpensive fuel.



In total, this represents a suicidal deindustrialization by Germany's own dictate.



Ridiculously furthermore — blame someone else


According to Scholz, all of this has been Vladimir Putin's fault.


Evidently still smarting over Nazi Germany's crushing defeat by the Soviet Union's (World War 2) Red Army, Scholz continues to cling to the United States' absurd (Russians are evil) propaganda line:



"Russia - yes, Russia has cut off Europe's energy supply... It was the Russian president who cut off the supply of gas through an operational pipeline!" Scholz claimed at the congress of the Social Democratic Party of Germany.


The German chancellor's statement sounds bizarre after the EU itself has imposed anti-Russian sanctions, including sanctions on gas from Russia.


The EU has spent 304 billion euros on gas imports since February 2022, having overpaid 185 billion euros due to anti-Russian sanctions, according to Eurostat data.


Vladimir Putin said earlier that sanctions have dealt a serious blow to the entire world economy. According to him, the main goal of the West is to worsen the lives of millions of people. Russia has repeatedly stated that the country will solve all the problems the West creates for it.


After last year's terrorist attacks on the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 pipelines, gas supplies to Germany were severely disrupted. In November, the head of the Russian Energy Ministry said that Russia itself had not "closed" the Western direction of energy supplies and remained a reliable gas supplier even in the current difficult conditions.


© 2023 Chimauchem Nwosu, Bizarre Plot Twist: Scholz Blames Putin for High Energy Prices in Europe, Sputnik (09 December 2023)



Let's review


According to Chancellor Scholz — Joe Biden's doddering soulmate in dimwittedness — Germany needs to keep draining its public's resources.


This public-bashing trend continuing, so as to aid currently Nazi Ukraine in a war that the neocon-led US and NATO instigated with the Russian Federation.


That nihilistically derived policy to remain in place, even:



(a) after the US intentionally blew up Germany's energy supply line




(a) after the backsliding American horse is faltering by the Ukrainian wayside, as a result of redirecting its mass-murder goodies to genocidally inclined Zionist Israel. Also a reincarnated Nazi-spirit nation.


Do you see the US-directed, Nazi behavior-adulating trend?



The moral? — What can one do . . .


. . . with a vassal nation filled with propaganda-swilling lost souls?


Talk about Germany sacrificing itself to the (contemptibly immoral and soon-to-be disastrously losing) US neocon side.


Germany's once-bright future should have been in aligning itself with the cheap energy Russian — and manufacturing-friendly Chinese — economic sphere.


Instead, recent chancellors Merkel and Scholz bound Germany to the nihilistically parasitic, now foundering, imperial American boat.


Demented behavior. Fully representative of crumbling Western civilization.