California — oligarchy's triumph over societal common sense

© 2019 Peter Free


15 October 2019



PG&E shut off power to about two million Californians this last week


Despite potentially causing an estimated $2 billion-plus (citizen and business) economic loss — the (in-bankruptcy) utility's rationale was that the power shut-off was necessary to prevent forest fires. Those similar to the ones that its rickety and underfunded infrastructure had caused last year.



California Governor Newsom chided the utility for being incompetent


Apparently, it did not occur to Newsom that the State of California is supposed to be regulating PG&E as a public utility, exactly so as to avoid these kinds of problems.



The moral? — We can infer what a ridiculous situation much of the United States is in


Nationally, infrastructure is inadequate all over the place. Yet, oligarchs nevertheless continue to profit at everyone else's expense.


As a double whammy, Government taxes us. But, despite the voluminous influx of extorted tax cash, much of national and California government doesn't do anything especially useful.



At the national level, taxes fund a stupendously enormous national security complex. The Complex, for the most part, does the reverse of making citizens safe. It exists mainly to profit on a foundation of propaganda-inspired fears.


Meanwhile in California, a bunch of people sweated in the hot dark, wondering whether they would die of heat stroke before the next PG&E-ignited fire killed them.



The Social Contract concept has abandoned Americans' minds.


In its place is substituted the idea that the public exists to serve Social Elites' greedy wellbeing.


This is a form of voluntary self-enslavement.