Caitlin Johnstone's take on being surrounded by BS

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22 May 2023



No lifelines for us?


From Caitlin Johnstone:



The fact that our minds are being manipulated at mass scale throughout our civilization is the most significant thing happening in the world by far, but hardly anyone talks about it, because hardly anyone knows it’s happening.


It works like this:


As many people as possible are herded into two mainstream political factions who pretend to oppose each other while in reality working together to advance the interests of the powerful.


Those who can’t be herded into the two mainstream factions are herded toward fake “populist” factions, who then herd them into the mainstream factions.


Those who can’t be herded into either category are marginalized into invisibility.


By the time you get down to that bottom tier, their numbers are so inconsequential that you can keep them from having any impact by simply refusing them platforms on mainstream media and letting “democracy” do the rest, because you’ve got the majority right where you want them.


It’s hard to understand how and why our civilization is bullshit exactly because our civilization is bullshit.


It’s rife with lies, the teachers feed us lies, the algorithms feed us lies, and we’re trained to look for information in areas that will turn up lies.


© 2023 Caitlin Johnstone, Marching to The Beat of The Imperial Machine, (21 May 2023)



Even when I was a child, I thought that lying was sinful


That was (and still is) because Reality is, one can reasonably hypothesize, about truth or approximations of truth.


If you fog truth up, dismember it — or call off the search for it — you make it much more difficult for people to survive in reasonably intelligent harmony (or fit) with the universe.


That seems like an arguably evil thing to do. At least so, with regard to an ostensibly intelligent species of creature.


Yet, here we are in 2023 and lying comprises the entirety of what that our supposed Western civilization does.



The moral? — Time for healthier cultures to sweep us aside


Meanwhile, assume that everything that Western oligarchic and corporatist sources — and their mind-controlled dupes and stooges — tell us, are either deliberately concocted untruths or grand distortions of fact.


This steaming mendaciousness being indulged to benefit the continuation of the Establishment's parasitic profits and power.


If you ask yourselves, with regard to all statements and representations, who benefits — you begin to delineate the origins and blanket scope of the fecal porridge that we are expected to lap up like the obedient sub-humans, whom we are daily propagandized into becoming.