Caitlin Johnstone synopsized the US political parties' anti-Islamic personas

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16 March 2024



So richly true


Caitlin Johnstone wrote that:



Well it’s International Day to Combat Islamophobia, which of course means Democrats are busy making the most hypocritical and morally dissonant public statements you can possibly imagine.


They’re condemning Islamophobia and denouncing hate crimes against Muslims at the exact same time as they are helping Israel create a mountain of Palestinian corpses in a genocidal onslaught whose entire premise is that Palestinians are the wrong race and the wrong religion.


Their actions don’t matter, only their feelings matter.


Republicans are the openly fascistic thugs of the US empire, while Democrats are the psychopathic PR managers running around photoshopping smiley faces on the[ir] fascism.


Republicans are the dopey goon squad, while Democrats are the criminal mastermind.


Republicans are the blunt instrument, while Democrats are the poison syringe.


Republicans kill Muslims while saying they hate Muslims, while Democrats kill Muslims while saying they love them.


© 2024 Caitlin Johnstone, Genocidal Psychopaths Celebrate International Day To Combat Islamophobia, (16 March 2024)



Johnstone includes a number of neocon Democrat-uttered quotes to prove her case regarding them.



The moral? — That's the 21st century United States for you . . .


A welcoming place for all flavors of Satan's slaughter-inciting people.


American-version Jesus is giggling his approval. He, we are told, hates Muslims too.


See, we're so righteously fine in Fat Happy Land!