Bookmarked for posterity — Richard Medhurst's dismemberment of the West's victim-pretending genociders in Gaza

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29 November 2023



Eloquently accurate fury


Here directed at:



perpetually whiny Zionist Israel


Europe's cowardly colonizers




the holier-than-thou, constantly terror-instigating United States.






Richard Medhurst, I've Had Enough, YouTube (25 November 2023)



You will not find . . .


. . . a more concisely moral and historically accurate soliloquy, that documents — point by point — the Satanic wrongness of the putrid state of Western civilization.





To deliver a concise address of such angry, but elevated intellectual and ethical quality — in the face of the West's unremitting, mind-enslaving propaganda — requires a combination of undeceivable insight and (arguably) heaven-motivated fury.



The moral? — Bookmark Medhurst's brief statement


Its perceptive example might motivate beneficial alternatives to the nihilistic paths suggested by the West's torrent of avarice-based lies.