Blinken pretends that 'The Chinese Balloon' is good cause for not speaking to China

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04 February 2023



Should we welcome . . .


. . . the coming US-instigated nuclear war with China?


Having lost to the Russians, via America's self-provoked proxy war in Ukraine, the US is now turning to initiating a fight with China.


Evidently, we can infer, hoping to do better against 1.45 billion Chinese folks, than we did against Russia's only 146 million.


Math, you see, is not an American strength.


Aggressive imbecility is US Government's sole trademark:



U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken indefinitely postponed what was to be an already tense trip to China on Friday, citing a Chinese reconnaissance balloon moving east across the United States that posed a threat to national security.


[H]e told China’s director of Central Foreign Affairs Office, Wang Yi, in a phone call Friday that the balloon was an “irresponsible act and a clear violation of U.S. sovereignty and international law that undermined the purpose of the trip,” according to a readout of the discussion.


In the past year, Chinese President Xi Jinping has deepened tensions with the U.S. by forging closer alliances with Russian President Vladimir Putin and ratcheting up military aggression against Taiwan.


China’s Foreign Ministry said Friday that the balloon was a civilian weather airship intended for scientific research that was blown off course. It described the incident as a result of a “force majeure” for which it was not responsible.


© 2023 Christina Wilkie and Amanda Macias, Blinken tells China its spy balloon was ‘irresponsible’ after canceling Beijing trip, CNBC (03 February 2023)



Consider how impotently whiny this excuse makes us look


The Great American Security State, terrified by a wind-drifting balloon.



The moral? — China will soon learn, like Russia has . . .


. . . that Americans are led by irreparably soul-destroying Nihilists.


The PRC's best international political course will be, as if faced with waves of plague-bearing rats, to fence the West out.


Indeed, I would have significant difficulty coming up with better proof of metaphorical Satan's existence, than to point to everything that recent American corporatist-fascist governments have done to the rest of the planet's peoples across the last many decades.


Evil, in the form of weaponized American government brainlessness, lives.


Philosophically speaking, does this mean that Predatory Avarice — as the United States displays in its international relations on a daily basis — is the all-consuming sin?