Bill Burns, CIA director — stated the obvious for malignant purposes

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28 February 2023



The US Deep State specializes in . . .


. . . propaganda-parading its malevolently destructive minions in sly and subtly effective ways.


Here, ramping up anti-China hostility:



In an exclusive interview with CBS News, CIA Director Bill Burns confirmed the possibility that China may send lethal aid to Russia in its war against Ukraine.


"We're confident that the Chinese leadership is considering the provision of lethal equipment," Burns told "Face the Nation" moderator Margaret Brennan on Friday.


"We also don't see that a final decision has been made yet, and we don't see evidence of actual shipments of lethal equipment," Burns said.


"And that's why, I think, Secretary Blinken and the president have thought it important to make very clear what the consequences of that would be as well."


"I think the Chinese are also trying to weigh the consequences of, you know, what the concerns we've expressed are, you know, about providing lethal equipment," Burns said, when asked if the CIA knew where Xi stands.


"Where's the point at which, you know, they would run into some pretty serious consequences. And that's what we've tried to make clear."


© 2023 Sophia Barkhoff, CIA confirms possibility of Chinese lethal aid to Russia, CBS News (25 February 2023)



Think about Director Burns' observation just long enough . . .


. . . to recognize its malicious absurdity.


Below is the immediate background to his statements:



In 2022, the US pushed Russia into militarily defending itself against NATO encroachment.


That's after America had installed a literally Nazi-populated regime in Ukraine in 2014.


Then supported that Nazi-inspired regime in killing 14,000 Russian-heritage Ukrainians in the Donbass.


When that process proved to be not deadly enough — the US quasi-encouraged those same neo-Nazi devils to mass a NATO-trained Ukrainian army near the two now self-proclaimed republics' borders.


This invasion preparation occurring, so as to escalate the former slaughter into some sort of mass solution to the purported problem of having too many Russian-origin folks in Ukraine's version of revived Banderastan.


Then, after the serially provoked Russians invaded Ukraine — so as to stop Ukraine's officially approved butchery of innocents — the United States and NATO began funneling (more) money (than they had spent on the Afghanistan War) into Ukraine.


That again occurring with the explicit intention of aiding its neo-Naxi proxies in killing still more Russian-blooded people. And this time, via the additional means of American and NATO-provided weapons and 'advisors'.


This last escalation still not prompting enough murdering chaos for American taste, these same neocon US leaders began engaging in a series of anti-China provocations that were, and still are, designed to provoke a simultaneous war with China.


Atop this historically impressive pile of American chaos-instigation, in rushes Bill Burns accusing the Chinese of considering that:


it might be in the People's Republic's best self-defensive effort


to support Russia's (also self-defensive) 'special military operation'




the combined forces of 'real Nazis' Ukraine


Nazi-supporting NATO


the Nazi-coddling European Union




the definitionally fascist United States.



A necessary aside


The totalitarian merger of government and big business is, by definition, fascism.


Fascism distinguishes itself from both communism and nationalistic totalitarianism via government’s focused connivance with business titans at the People’s expense.


The United States, a nation in which wealth systemically and completely buys political power and influence, has become a fascist state.


Ergo, for example, America's constant warmongering in aid of the Military Industrial Complex's profits. As well as in foundational support of the personal advancement of the politicians and the Deep State bureaucracy that make this gargantuan profiteering possible.



Returning to Director Burns


Recognize that, in actuality, Bill Burns does not know anything about China's thinking, the CIA having filled itself with propagandized mush-brains and muzzled the rest.


Instead, Burns is merely stating what would be strategically obvious to anyone in China's explicitly threatened position.


Director Burns' unspoken logic — like that of his puppet-strings-pulling Deep State — is that any nation, which defends itself against the American Empires' constant plunder, pillaging and warmongering is evil. And should, in consequence, be reduced to vassalage or rubble of one kind or another.



The moral? — These neocon louts' aggressively imbecilic lunacy . . .


. . . is going to destroy much of the planet (as we know it) — if a large portion of us do not wake up and boot them from the Devil's Bureaucracy.


China and Russia, one can deduce (based upon their public statements) increasingly ready to 'final solution' Death Star America with nukes.


Maybe someone among our sea-to-sea herds of Shining Sheep should speak up.