Biden challenged us to name one world leader — who would want to change places with Xi Jinping — hmm

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08 February 2023



Biden's challenge


Delivered at his 2023 State of the Union address:



"Name me a world leader who would change places with Xi Jinping! Name me one!"



Well, Mr. President . . .


That would probably be most of the planet's current leaders.


At least so, when polled among those who possess the power-hungry gene that prevails among that group.



President Xi is demonstrably more intelligent . . .


. . . knowledgeable and politically competent than almost all his international peers.


And he heads — in a real and not pretended sense — the most impressive manufacturing base on the planet.


Add in China's 1.45 billion commercially capable citizen folks. And one must, at least rationally speaking, perceive a nation-state juggernaut.


What's not to like in all that, when viewed from the perspective of the overwhelming majority of the planet's power-seekers?



The moral? — American leadership's constantly reality-defying boastfulness . . .


. . . does not impress.


As American neocons continue to majorly screw up what our American ancestors built, their foolishly indulged aggressiveness makes us look silly and weak.


Xi Jinping is probably smiling.



Especially so, after Idiot America belatedly shot down what was — most likely — a supposedly errant Chinese weather balloon.


That unnecessarily expensive and intrusive endeavor, coming only after letting the vast ball of (purportedly hostile) gas float, undisturbed, for thousands of miles across the United States.


We will never find out what this impressively giant Chinese lighter-than-air apparatus actually was.


Why would the United States confess to yet another of its astonishingly disproportionate overreactions to relatively common (and predominantly harmless) international events?



Tough, smart and precise. That's American leadership.


In view of such impressive levels of US competence, President Xi will — (we are invited to infer) — soon be applying for American citizenship.


Oh, happy day.