Biden and Congress suicided the United States dollar dominance — by authorizing the seizure of Russian financial assets — Russia wasted no time in knotting our self-made dangle-strangle rope

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29 April 2024



Dumbass America cuts off its own balls again


First, the United States' beyond-belief strategic stupidity:



The big U.S. aid package for Ukraine and other allies that President Joe Biden signed Wednesday also allows the administration to seize Russian state assets located in the U.S. and use them for the benefit of Kyiv.


That could mean another $5 billion in assistance for Ukraine, coming from Russian Central Bank holdings that have already been frozen in the United States.


The seizures would be carried out under provisions of the REPO Act, short for the Rebuilding Economic Prosperity and Opportunity for Ukrainians Act, that were incorporated into the aid bill.


But it's not likely the U.S. will seize the assets without agreement from other members of the Group of Seven nations and the European Union.


The U.S. and its allies immediately froze $300 billion in Russian foreign holdings at the start of Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine. That money has been sitting untapped — most of it in European Union nations — as the war grinds on. But roughly $5 billion of it is located in the U.S.


© 2024 Fatima Hussein, The US is now allowed to seize Russian state assets. How would that work?, AP (24 April 2024)



Keep in mind that Ukraine is the most corrupt country in Europe


It is controlled by neo-Nazis. Whom the US-instigated Maidan Coup put in power in 2014 as an intended prick in the Russian Federation's un-hostile behind.


These US-empowered Ukro-Nazis then immediately began killing 14,000 Russian heritage folk in the Ukrainian Donbas. Evidently, with American approval.


In turn, that serial mass murder binge finally provoked Russia's 'special military operation' invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.



And now, predictably comes . . .


Russia's response to this US-authorized Russian assets seizure:



A Russian court ordered the seizure of $439.5 million in funds from JPMorgan Chase’s bank accounts in Russia that the largest American lender froze after the Ukraine invasion, according to a court filing.


The court’s ruling Wednesday comes after state-owned VTB Bank filed a lawsuit in a St. Petersburg arbitration court after the Russian bank was hit with sanctions following the invasion.


The Russian court’s ruling came just after President Joe Biden signed a foreign aid bill into law, giving US officials new powers to locate and seize Russian assets in the US, as well as obtain Russian state assets from European allies to use as aid for Ukraine.


© 2024 Shannon Thaler, Court orders seizure of $440M JPMorgan funds in lawsuit over US-Russia sanctions, New York Post (25 April 2024)



Worse for us in the West . . .


. . . an earlier Russian anti-sanctions ploy will re-surface with significant de-dollarizing effect:



Russian lawmakers on Tuesday [26 February 2024] approved draft legislation allowing digital financial assets (DFAs) to be used in international settlements, a move that may enable Moscow to shield some cross-border money flows from international scrutiny.


The green light from lawmakers comes as the West, led by the United States, threatens banks in countries such as Turkey and China with secondary sanctions for facilitating trade with Russia.


The legislation, [Anatoly] Aksakov [head of the financial committee in Russia's lower house of parliament, the State Duma] said, would allow for the banking system to be bypassed in transactions, reducing external influence, including from "enemies".


© 2024 Reuters, Russian lawmakers approve use of digital assets in international transactions, (27 February 2024)



President Putin signed this law into effect on 11 March 2024.



Meaning of all this?


After an unending string of US and EU provocations, Russia is erecting a financial system that is separate from the US-controlled system. Which itself was established to the United States' dollar-dominating benefit after World War 2.


In other words, the Dead Brain Biden administration and Congress have ganged up to hang the United States from its own self-fabricated — anti-Russia idiocy — rope.



The moral? — US neocons are as stupid, as they are belligerently hostile


What is historically striking, is that the outcome of this brand of American stupidity is now irreversible. American dominance, and the benefits that went with it, is finished. All of this arriving as a result of our Government's destructively pillaging machinations.


Intentionally sown Chaos eventually gobbles its nihilism-embracing creators.