Bible-selling Donald Trump — has the perhaps sole virtue of being cynically entertaining

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28 March 2024



Trump — "We must make America pray again"


See below — at 2:30 minutes into his Bible-elevating video clip:



Forbes Breaking News, Trump: 'Religion And Christianity Are The Biggest Things Missing From This Country', YouTube (26 March 2024)



We might conclude that . . .


 'The Donald' and Stormy Daniels passionately discussed the Bible's religious wisdom, during their marriage-tainting copulations.


It is, therefore, quaintly ironic that Trump purportedly had to pay Ms. Daniels to shut her up about these penetratingly 'holy' sessions of theirs.


Then, of course, there are all the other people-screwing shenanigans that business-mogul Trump has reportedly indulged over the years.



The moral? — So it goes, in these maniacally bumbling United States


Which, we might ask, is better:



A mind-mushed, fascistic Deep State puppet like (the allegedly also corrupt) Joe Biden?


Or a Bible-misusing cynic like (the arguably reliably entertaining) Donald Trump?



You pick.


Probabilistically speaking, the Cosmic Toilet becomes the national destiny in both instances.


No amount prayer is going to fix that, if either of these absurdly selected choices be the United States' measure.


A Biblical parable is, presumedly, in the making.