BS charge of antisemitism — intentionally shackles people's ability to think

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18 May 2023



The following is typical of Israel's manipulatively whiny . . .


. . . power-grabbing lobby:



Twitter chief Elon Musk has said he will continue to make controversial statements on the social media platform even if it results in financial losses, as he rejected accusations of anti-Semitism on US broadcaster CNBC on Tuesday.


“I’ll say what I want to say and if the consequences of that is losing money, so be it,” Musk told CNBC’s David Faber, later adding that he is “allowed to say what I want.”


Musk’s comments came shortly after he attracted widespread condemnation on Tuesday for describing Hungarian-American businessman George Soros as someone who “hates humanity” and wants to “erode the very fabric of civilization” to his audience of nearly 140 million Twitter followers.


Musk also compared Soros – who is a prolific donor to numerous left-wing causes in the United States and abroad – to the Marvel Comics super villain, Magneto.


This prompted criticism from David Kaye, the former UN special rapporteur on freedom of expression, who described Musk’s Twitter salvo as “Soros-baiting anti-Semitism.”


 © 2023 RT, Elon Musk unafraid of free speech ‘consequences’, (17 May 2023)



Of course, Musk is correct


Soros is (in arguable fact) a vastly monied, strings-pulling, figurative bribing, constantly powermongering, debatably society-fragmenting demon.


He does, one can reasonably conclude — based on his seemingly planet-wide actions — seek to control ordinary people and their wish for libertarian freedoms.


Similarly inclined is the Israeli Establishment.


Witness their murderous treatment of Palestinians. Whose land Israelis inarguably stole and continue to steal. Nonsensically parading The Holocaust in (spoken and unspoken) justification for their malign treatment of these 5 millions of folk.


As if Palestinians and Arabs generally had anything at all to do with the Shoah.



Do you begin to see . . .


. . . how critical thinking is deliberately derailed by these kinds of power-seeking — allegedly religious — culture-based, tribalist absolutists?


Every time I hear some Israel-connected lobbyist — or brain-captured sympathizer — shouting about antisemitism, I think back to the many millions of non-Jewish people, who also perished in the Holocaust.


I guess those beings did not count because they were not Jewish. And presumably, therefore, were not among the Chosen People. Being, as a result of such a lack of God-selected tribal and genetic connection, without a trace of value.


Talk about cultural arrogance.



The moral? — Nazi-like evility lives on in its Israeli successors


And charges of antisemitism have become a truth-defying, power-seeking tactic that is used to suppress critical thinking and the free speech based upon it.


Ignore charges of anti-Jewishness, whenever someone reasonably and factually points out the Satanic hypocrisy involved in these vapidly based re-Nazi routings of — 'we are inherently better than you' — evils.


Kudos to Musk.